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OP-X PRO-II out!      Click here for infos!
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So you can kick in where it's suitable for you and upgrade on demand!

If you like the sound you can upgrade to more features anytime step by step. Now, with OP-X FREE, there's no budget at all needed to kick in!


You are curious and download the free OP-X FREE. This one contains 11 chosen original sounds which show the strengts and the character of the OP-X line and offers some of its unique tuning features as well as the famous separate voice design. There's however no possibility to load further sounds and there's no vst automation or midi cc remote control. If you get keen on further such sounds you can upgrade for just $39 to OP-X PLAYER and get the full original OP-X library containing more than 500 first class sounds ready to play as well as vst automation and midi cc remote control capability. If you one day should feel the need to tweak all the hidden parameters or want to create your own sounds from scratch then you can again upgrade to the full version OP-X for the missing price difference of $59. But the game does not yet stop here. For additional $49 you can get OP-X PRO which offers a lot of additional features like many custom tuning options and a tremendous multimode filter. It can't load anymore the OP-X (PLAYER) patches because it has a changed format, but contains all OP-X patches in its library as well as tons of fantastic new sounds making use of the additional features. The last step and flagship of the line will be the coming 12-voice edition of OP-X PRO which again will be available as upgrade for previous OP-X PRO owners.

Of course you can also enter directly in the upper class!

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