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Retrieve License Data


This site is dedicated to help you to retreive your original license data if you should have lost it. First on, before you send a request, please search your own records for it. Email, printed out paper, CD rom. We were explixcitly ASKING to make a backup of your data in the original license mail. If you can't find anything but have the synth installed and licensed (OP-X PRO-II only), then you can find your license data here: Goto your plugins folder, open the SonicProjects folder, and within this one go into the "OP-X PRO-II" folder. Here you should find a file called "license.txt". Open this one. The expression in front of the comma is your user id (the entire expression), and after the comma is your key. Copy it out and you have restored your data. And NOW MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF IT - CD, DVD, PRINT OUT, WRITE ON PAPER, whatever. As you do with your bank account data.

If this all was not successful then you can send us a request to search and re-send your license data. Note this might take several days to complete. Be sure to give us the correct data. Otherwise we won't be able to treat it:

*Which product, upgraded or not, about date of purchase