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OP-X PRO-II out!      Click here!
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OP-X (Player) Sounds

All additional banks (30) come in the standard fxb format. Almoust all vst hosts can load this format. An empty bank allows to set up your own custom banks. Listen to some clips:

Famous Bank:


  Tom Sawyer

  Axel F.

  Prince Crazy

  Final Countdown


  Shine On

  Floyd Signs

  Journey Separate

  Jarre Magnetic

  Harvest Echoes

  BJH Borderline

  Styx Sail

  Styx Fooling

  Parsons Days

  Red Balloons

Prophet5 Bank:


Jupiter8 Bank:


Minimoog Bank:


Oberheim Bank:


SH-2000 Bank:


DW-8000 Bank:


Strings Bank:




Effects Bank:


Solo Bank:


Fmod Bank:


Arpeggio Bank:


Factory Bank:

  Sync Solo

  Classic Brass

  Reso Pattern

  Famous Filter

  Holiday Mini


  Famous Tune

  Aaron McClelland

  Mixedanalog Bank

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