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Lost license help

You lost your license data?

Here's some help to retrieve your license data without our help:

Retrieve from Key File

If you purchased your license later than July 2018 your license data was provided in a htm-file called key.htm

This file was provided both as an attached file and via temporary download link in an email from MyCommerce ( noreply at mycommerce dot com ) which you had to download then to your computer. So if you didn't delete it this file still should reside somewhere on the computer you originally downloaded it to.

So simply enter key.htm in the search field of the file explorer / finder of your computer, then the system may find it again. It's also possible that you re-named the file after downloading (as suggested by us) to something like "OP-X PRO-II license.htm" or similar. So you may search for such an expression too.

Once you found it simply double-click it and it will open as local offline-website in your browser showing your licensde data, as described on the purchase site:

License Delivery Info

Retrieve from Email

As already described above, if you purchased after July 2018 your license mail in most cases was not sent by us but by MyCommerce / ShareIt (Digital River) from the email address noreply at mycommerce dot com or earlier also from noreply-yourlanguageabbreviation at shareit dot com. So search fror this email in your email records, or generally for MyCommerce or ShareIt. In this email you both have a link which may have expired already but additionally also an attached file called key.htm. Download this attached file again from the email and then double-click it as described above.

If the email was sent by us it was sent from info at sonicprojects dot ch. In both cases you also simply can search your email records for "OP-X PRO-II" or the name of an other plugin you purchased.

Retrieve from Installed and licensed Plugin

In case your plugin is installed and licensed on your computer and you couldn't find your license data by file or email as described above you also can retrieve your license data from the installed and licensed plugin. For this search your computer for a file called "license.txt". Note that your computer may find several of these if you have installed and licensed several of our plugins. Also there may be manufacturers also using files of the same type. But checking the path of the original folder you'll notice to which plugin or software it belongs. If your computer found this file double-click it, and it will open in a text editor. BE CAREFUL NOT TO CHANGE ITS CONTENTS! Otherwise the license won't work anymore. If it's a license file from one of our plugins then after doublecklicking it you'll see one line at the top looking like this (using example data):
Firstname Lastname ID:1234,ABCD-0000-ABCD-0000-ABCD
and no blank character or line break after it. The part before the comma, so Firstname Lastname ID:1234 is your user-id expression, and the part after the comma, so ABCD-0000-ABCD-0000-ABCD is your license key. The best mark (from back to front) and copy the whole line (right-click -> copy... or ctrl/strg + C / cmd + C), open a new text editor instance and paste it there, and then separate the items as described before. You may re-create the original structure your license data originally was provided in from this data, so:

User ID:
Firstname Lastname ID:1234

License Key:

...then maybe still entile it "OP-X PRO-II license" (or the name of the plugin) and then save it somwhere with a file name (again e.g. OP-X PRO-II license) which helps to find it again in case you forgot where you saved it. Also make a bakup copy of it on an external drive or stick, and the best also print it out on paper and put this paper in a protecting wrap to your important documents (insurance contracs, bank account documents etc.).

Retrieve by contacting us

If all these methods didn't help you to retrieve your license data then contact us by email:

Contact us

If you contact us to retrieve your license then please provide the following with your request:

- your FULL licensed name
- the original email address the license was sent to when you ordered
- the name of the product
- the about date of purchase