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OP-X Blue Reaktor 5     

OP-X Blue VST PC       

Gary Corbett: „This is the best virtual synth I have ever heard"



Luke Mourinet: „It's without a doubt the best OB-X emulation to date"

Mariano Saulino: „The OP-X has became my #1 analog axe for every project"

Magazine reviews

Read excerpts from the latest magazine reviews. If available you can download the full
reviews in pdf format or read them on the web.



„Equipped with new features OP-X PRO-II now too aims new sound areas. The extended 1500 patches library too offers banks which are dedicated to emulate other synths. Astonishingly convincing are sounds à la Minimoog and Jupiter."

„Already the previous versions of OP-X PRO-II have convinced with a full and lively sound. In its newest edition it was extended with some features that fit very well."

Future Music


„With a distinctive Oberheim-inspired sound and a series of unique editing capabilities, it's hard not to be impressed by the plug-in's sonic capabilities."

„In addition to all the classic sounds that you'd expect to find hiding in the presets, OP-X also performs surprisingly good impressions of a number of other synths, from the Roland Jupiter-8 which inspired its invertible filter envelopes to the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, which offered up a variety of filter modulation options."

Beat Magazine


„...which captures the characteristic inexactitudes of the analog originals in an authentic way which results in a remarkable lively sound"

„It remains to hope that this plugin will receive the amount of attention it has earned!"



Comprehensive 4 page review with audio tracks on CD. Excerpts:

„With its discreete fluctuations the OP-X sounds broader, more lively and warmer than many competitors - simply beautiful."

„A popular power feature of the OB series is the unisono mode, which bundles all voices. (...) Here and in many other disciplines the OP-X absolutely convinces in every aspect. Listening to the included preset collection one is repeatedly reminded of the standards of the electronic music."

„Beautiful pads, clear-cut brasses, marvellous sweeps (...)"

„Classic Oberheim sound"

Beat Magazine


„Standing out is the excellent sound and the handy split/layer function. The three sampled instruments complement each other extremely well: The fat and middy sound of the Logan meets the shimmering highs of the Omni and the warm sound of the Welson."

Rating: 5 of 6 points

Beat Magazine


„...due to the six independent voices a very organic and lively sound. As their analog model the two emulations are capable of sounding powerful and soft at the same time. ..."

Rating: 5.5 of 6 points

Virtual Instruments Mag


Michael Marans has worked with Tom Oberheim himself for years and owned an Oberheim System. He was quite impressed by the OP-X PRO and its many tools for subtle manipulation of the tone. Read some excerpts from his review:

„Whether sticking with the included patches or rolling your own, the Pro really delivers great sounds. (...)Undoubtedly the most sonic fun you‘ll have with the OP-X Pro is creating over-the-top filter sweeps. They soar, to say the least. (...) By the time you vary tuning offsets, filter trims, envelope decays and releases, and the like on a per-voice-channel basis, your sound can get pretty animated. The best part is that, used judiciously, these tweaks aren‘t over the top; rather, they help your brain understand that you‘re listening to a musical instrument, not a computer-perfect digital sound generator."

„If you‘re an analog aficionado who can‘t get enough of resonant filter sweeps, the OP-X Pro has your name all over it. (...) And if you‘re an old guy like me, you‘ll recognize the sound of Pro as being unmistakably, wonderfully, er, um, Oberheim. Sorry, Tom."

Digital Music Magazine


„Warm, creamy and homogenic sound !"

„SonicProjects has done a super job. OP-X PRO allows to bring back to the light the vintage sonority"

The OP-X PRO has received a 9 of 10 possible points in the review score, 10 for sound/character, 9 for innovation and 9 for handling (both actually 9.5 in the graphic score):

full review  (pdf italian)



„The sound is without exaggeration incredible. Hot and thick, very lively and characteristic brass, full strings."

„OP-X PRO and OP-X have excellently approached the sound and the behavior of the original, and this before and after service! They as well fit excellently in arrangements and mixes. The synths are unconditionally recommended for any application."

full review  (pdf greek)

Electronic Musician


OP-X and OP-X PRO are featured as „Download of the month"

„...excellent VSTi recreations"

Strumenti Musicali


„...a powerful load on the bottoms, liquid in the mid range and luminous, but never penetrating in the highs"

„ hits the ability to give back the "feel" of the original instruments"

Grooves Magazine

OP-X Reaktor

A group review of commercial reaktor ensembles including the all new OP-X for Reaktor

Artist Quotes:

Gary Corbett (Cindy Lauper, Cinderella):

„This is the best virtual synth I have ever heard"

Morris Hayes (Prince):

„I use it heavily in the shows. This plug kills!"

Luke Mourinet, Ruff&Jam (Kylie Minogue):

„It's without a doubt the best OB-X emulation to date"

Henry Reid (Dalai Lama Renaissance):

„I'm using it in my present film score"

Rod Abernethy (Star Trek Legacy):

„The OP-X is brilliant."

more testimonials

Online reviews: 04/11 Online Magazine

„The Pro II captures the OB-X's analogue spirit in ingenious fashion."

read full review

(english, online) 11/15

„This bad boy can emulate pretty much any of the classic analogue synths from way back in the day."

read full review

(english, online)