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OP-X PRO-II out!      Click here!
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The original sounds are available for OP-X PRO-II in the former banks collection


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The cheapest way ever to get all those fantastic OP-X sounds into your daw!

OP-X PLAYER - the little big !

OP-X PLAYER is the cheapest way to play all those fantastic OP-X sounds! It's so incredibly cheap you won't believe!

OP-X PLAYER has in fact the same basic engine as its big brother OP-X but only gives access to a few parameters on a cut down user interface. The available controls still can be automated and remote controlled.

So you will be able to load and play any existing OP-X patch with identical sound as in OP-X! You simply can't create new sounds from scratch or edit any other parameters than the ones available on the interface. But you can upgrade to OP-X anytime for just the price difference!

Some examples:

   Halen Jump

   Rush Sawyer

   Styx Solos


   Classic Brass

   Jupiter Sweep

   Prophet Bank

   Harvest Flute    

Listen to some sounds that will be ready to play with this synth:

Factory Bank:

  Axel F.

  Prince Crazy

  Final Countdown


  Shine On

  Floyd Signs

  Journey Separate

  Jarre Magnetic

Factory Bank:

  BJH Echoes

  Styx Sail Away

  Styx Fooling

  Sync Solo

  Classic Brass

  BJH Martyrs

  Famous Filter

  Holiday Mini

Prophet5 Bank:


Jupiter8 Bank:


Minimoog Bank:


Oberheim Bank:


Strings Bank:


Effects Bank:


Newest Banks:




The patches library will be delivered as a sorted collection of standard fxb banks together with OP-X PLAYER. It's the same library as delivered with the bigger OP-X containing more than
500 of the finest sounds. Further banks are regularly puplished in the user area.

OP-X PLAYER has been discontinued      download demo

NOTE: OP-X PLAYER has been discontinued in favour of its big brother OP-X PRO-II.

You can download the original OP-X PLAYER sounds and its original factory bank converted to OP-X PRO-II format on this site and turn OP-X PRO-II to OP-X PLAYER with identical sound and identical banks!