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OP-X PRO-II out!      Click here for infos!
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Get access to the full OP-X library - upgrade to Player!     learn more

Upgrade to OP-X PLAYER and get instant access to the full OP-X library containing more than 500 sounds! OP-X PLAYER can load and play all existing OP-X sounds. Listen to some examples:

Famous Bank:


  Tom Sawyer

  Axel F.

  Prince Crazy

  Final Countdown


  Shine On

  Floyd Signs

  Journey Separate

  Jarre Magnetic

  Harvest Echoes

  BJH Borderline

  Styx Sail

  Styx Fooling

  Parsons Days

  Red Balloons

Prophet5 Bank:


Jupiter8 Bank:


Minimoog Bank:


Oberheim Bank:


SH-2000 Bank:


DW-8000 Bank:


Strings Bank:




Effects Bank:


Solo Bank:


Fmod Bank:


Arpeggio Bank:


Factory Bank:

  Sync Solo

  Classic Brass

  Reso Pattern

  Famous Filter

  Holiday Mini


  Famous Tune

  Aaron McClelland

  Mixedanalog Bank

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