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OP-X PRO-II out!      Click here for infos!
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The Standard line:


The emulation of the famous OB-X. Awesome sounding analog synthesis using separate voice design (SVD).

Format: VST windows, reaktor5 (mac/pc)

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Based on OP-X offering a lot of additional features for a tremendous sound potential. OP-X owners can get this one for a cheap upgrade price.

Format: VST windows

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The Bentley line:

OP-X PRO-II   New!

The bentley version of OP-X PRO and new top flagship of the OP series. For those who want more of everything.

Format: VST, AU - Mac/PC - 32/64bit   info

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The Mini line:


Ultra affordable preset player capable of loading and playing all those great OP-X sounds. Can be upgraded to OP-X anytime!

Format: VST windows

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Completely free! A handfull of chosen original OP-X sounds at your disposal that you will going to love. Download and get infected!

Format: VST windows

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The Sampling line:


Maybe the highest quality samples available on the planet from three chosen famous string machines: Logan String Melody II, ARP Omni 2 and Weson Symphony.

Format: VST windows

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The V-Machine line:

V-Machine Bundle

The analog power package for the V-Machine and V-Rack! A ready to play bundle of adapted versions of OP-X and Stringer including preconfigured banks and two send effects.

Format: V-Machine   info

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Upgrade policy:

The OP series offers a unique fully transparent upgrade path. As an owner of a plugin you can get the next higher one just for the price difference. So every dollar spent on a plugin is already spent on the next one! So, dependent on your budget, you can kick in where you like and get the higher grade version everytime without having spent only one additional dollar!   learn more


Don't know which product to buy and how all the versions compare to each other? Then have a look at our handy comparison table which points out the differences feature-wise:

Comparison Table

Receptor versions:

All plugins, exept the mini line, are too available for Receptor, which is a state of the art hardware vst player. You can purchase here and get free crossgrade to the receptorized installers on plugorama:

Click for free crossgrade on plugorama

OP-X PRO-II: Not yet available as receptorized installer, but user installable on Receptor 2. Receptor 1 has not been tested yet, so it might not work there. Here's the support page:

OP-X PRO-II Receptor support page


Our flagship product OP-X PRO-II is available for both Mac and PC in VST and AU format natively supporting both 32bit and 64bit hosts. It also supports the newest VST3 format which is being adopted by more and more major hosts. The other plugins are available in windows VST2 32bit format, except for OP-X Reaktor which is offered in cross-platform Reaktor ensemble format, and the V-Machine Bundle which is exclusively made to be run in the SM Pro Audio V-Machine hardware VST player.

You don't have a vst host? Here's a list of tested free vst hosts:

Recommended free vst hosts

Because we simply can't test all possible combinations of operating systems and vst hosts we ask you for testing the plugins in your current configuration with the demo versions before you buy.

ProTools 8 PC users: It's been reported by several users that OP-X and OP-X PRO work perfectly within PT8 when wrapped with the Fxpansion VST-to-RTAS wrapper.

Mac users:

OP-X is available in cross platform Reaktor 5 format. Demo available here.
Native instruiments Reaktor5 is needed to run it.

NEW: Our flagship synth OP-X PRO-II now is available for Mac in native AU and VST3 format 32/64bit! Minimum system needed: OS-X 10.8. Learn more about OP-X PRO-II here