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OP-X PRO-II out!      Click here!
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OP-X Blue Reaktor 5     

OP-X Blue VST PC       

Gary Corbett: „This is the best virtual synth I have ever heard"


After purchasing your personal OP-X will be prepared and emailed to you. In the best case this will just take an hour. Payment options include all credit cards, paypal, wire transfer, cheque and cash. Get your OP-X now!   clients list


Discontinued in favour of OP-X PRO-II

NOTE: OP-X is a legacy product and has been discontinued in favour of its big brother OP-X PRO-II.

This shouldn't be much of a loss since OP-X PRO-II can do all OP-X could and much more. Check this feature list which list all features.

The new one furthermore offers 64bit and Mac compatibility as well as several interface sizes and types. Learn more here.

You even can have all original OP-X banks in OP-X PRO-II with original sound since we converted them to the new OP-X PRO-II format and provide them as one package for free download here:

You of course can extend these former sounds with the new features OP-X PRO-II offers, e.g. doubing polyphony, adding effects, etc.