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OP-X Blue Reaktor 5     

OP-X Blue VST PC       

Gary Corbett: „This is the best virtual synth I have ever heard"


A must have for every Reaktor user!

The OP-X reaktor has attracted the attention of many sound fetishists all around the globe. It's being used in countless top ten productions and film scores. This thing simply rocks!

The secret of organic sound

Tuning options >>

Voice Tuner

The killer feature of this ensemble is the separate treatment of each of the six voices with slight differences in sound as it is in the real world. The oscillators, filters cutoffs and envelope times differ slightly from voice to voice (no random function) and can be tuned individually with three global buttons.


- most comprehensive detuning options available!

- tuning options for: oscillators / filters / envelopes

- 12db SEM-filter emulation

- unisono, polyphonic portamento

- sync, x-mod, ring modulation, noise, s/h

- filterenvelope modulation

- arpeggiator/sequencer

- individual voice pans

- midi learn for remote ctrl

- lfo / arpeggiator: sync to song tempo

- comes with huge new 400 patches sound library!

OP-X Blue Reaktor 5           Listen to some sounds: 








s/h exper






noise arp


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Professional users testimonials:

Jon Rydningen, Oslo Recordings

Credits: Adoro, Alexander Klaws, Gloria Gaynor, Hanna Pakarinen, Maria Arredondo

„To me the OPX sounds absolutely fantastic. With an extensive collection of hardware synths and all the soft synths available in my possession, I could not anticipate how much joy I would get from the OPX. It outperforms most of my other softsynths in sound and ease of use, and most important, pleasure and inspiration. I expect something from "analog" that the OPX delivers and the others don´t. It even gives new life to Reaktor, which I somehow had left untouched for quite a while. OPX presets are, in addition to great starting points for new sounds, an almost complete collection of the sounds that got me into synths in the first place. The downside to all the goodness, is that the myth that you get what you pay for in terms of price/quality is demolished. In this case the best sounding and most fun instrument is by far the least expensive."

Rod Abernethy, Rednote Audio

Credits: Soundtracks for Star Trek Legacy, King Arthur for XBox

„The OP-X is brilliant. Even though I‘ve got a real OB-X at arm‘s length, it‘s great to have the OP-X at my fingertips ready to go...and it sounds just as good and fat as the original."

Henry Reid, Apsaroke Music

Film, Documentary, TV Composer/Orchestrator

Credits: Dalai Lama Renaissance

„I have been using Oberheim OB synthesizers for over 30 years. OP-X, has the sound, programmability, and additional features, that I can now retire the hardware instruments. It has fit the bill so well, that I am using it in my present film score. Thank you for adding a long awaited software synth."

Chris Holloway, Analogueplanet

Chris Holloway got known with his film music tracks for Showtime Broadcast and is a long time owner and user of various alalog synths like Jupiter-8, OB-Xa and OB-8. Nevertheless he swears by the sound of OP-X

Listen to two tracks he made with OP-X. All sounds are coming from OP-X Reaktor hosted by Ableton Live, exept the drums which were done with an Oberheim DMX and Simmons drum:

Track 1: listen

Track 2: listen

Real authentic 80ies feeling, indeed!

Demo track from malkytrance:

Please note: OP-X Reaktor needs the full version NI Reaktor 5 to run, the free Player version won't work. NI Reaktor 5 is included in NI Komplete which should be available in every pro's workstation.