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OP-X Blue Reaktor 5     

OP-X Blue VST PC       

Gary Corbett: „This is the best virtual synth I have ever heard"


The OP-X Everything Soundbase   

An OP-X full license is delivered with a tremedous huge sound library containing 30 banks with more than 500 patches.

Note: These clip were done with the VST version of OP-X. For clips done with OP-X Reaktor check this page.

The clips were all done using library presets, with sometimes some reverb or delay added in the host.

Note that OP-X has no built-in effects. If you wanna have built-in
effects then check OP-X PRO-II.


   Song by A. McClelland

   Song by GuruOne

   Famous Tune


   Song by Joe Cooper

   Mixedanalog Bank

   Matrix XPander

Minimoog Bank:


Jupiter8 Bank:


Prophet5 Bank:


Barclay James Bank:


Styx Bank:


Effects Bank:


Oberheim Bank:


DW-8000 Bank:

SH-2000 Bank:

Stringmachines Bank:


Famous Bank:

   Axel F.

   The Final Countdown

   Rush Tom Sawyer


   Let's Go Crazy

   Floyd Crazy Diamond

   Floyd Signs Of Life

   Floyd Turns

   Parsons Separate Lives

   Parsons Numbers


Strings Bank:


Solo Bank:


Arpeggio Bank:


Fmod Bank:

Factory Bank:

   Santana Lick

   Journey Separate

   Famous Filter

   Classic Brass

   Reso Pattern

   Sync Solo

   Holiday Minimoog

   Jarre Brass

   Jarre Magnetic


   Poropat plays Jarre