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OP-X PRO-II out!      Click here for infos!
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upgrade path

Get instant access to more than 500 killer sounds!

Upgrade your OP-X FREE !

What will be different after upgrading?

1. You will be able to load and play every existing OP-X patch!

2. The empty places in the default bank will be filled with new sounds

3. Vst automation and midi cc remote control will get enabled

4. You will receive the full OP-X patches library!

So you will be able to load and play any existing OP-X patch with identical sound as in OP-X! The only difference to the big OP-X will be that you'll only have access to the parameters you already know from OP-X FREE. But you can upgrade to the full OP-X anytime for just the price difference!

Some examples:

   Halen Jump

   Rush Sawyer

   Styx Solos


   Classic Brass

   Jupiter Sweep

   Prophet Bank

   Harvest Flute    

Listen to some sounds that will be ready to play after upgrading:

Factory Bank:

  Axel F.

  Prince Crazy

  Final Countdown


  Shine On

  Floyd Signs

  Journey Separate

  Jarre Magnetic

Factory Bank:

  BJH Echoes

  Styx Sail Away

  Styx Fooling

  Sync Solo

  Classic Brass

  BJH Martyrs

  Famous Filter

  Holiday Mini

Prophet5 Bank:


Jupiter8 Bank:


Minimoog Bank:


Oberheim Bank:


Strings Bank:


Effects Bank:


Newest Banks:




The patches library will be delivered as a sorted collection of standard fxb banks together with the PLAYER upgrade. It's the same library as delivered with the bigger OP-X. The library is being permanently extended with free new bank reloads in the user area.

Convinced? Upgrade your OP-X FREE to PLAYER now !

PLAYER  upgrade   +  full OP-X library   -  $39 !

The upgrade will be sent by email. Processing only takes a few hours. Format: VST windows only!