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OP-X Blue Reaktor 5     

OP-X Blue VST PC       

Gary Corbett: „This is the best virtual synth I have ever heard“



The Login area you're probably looking for can be found on this site:

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The contents below only are free soundbanks for the former basic OP-X which has been discontinued. The sounds listed here are included in the OP-X PRO-II library and also can be downloaded in original form converted to the OP-X PRO-II bank format on this site.

The user area - ressources for the OP-X

In this area additional preset banks from users and also sonicprojects are provided for download.
Both the OP-X VST and OP-X Reaktor libraries delivered with the full version already contain all library
contributions made until August 08. Version 2.0 needed!

If you want to share op-x vst or reaktor banks and presets then mail them zipped to:

Newest additions - not yet included in the libraries:

Additions for OP-X VST:

Author: SonicProjects

Floyd Turns Prophet

The legendary Pink Floyd "One Of My Turns" dark sync sound, originally played on a Prophet 10. This new patch is much more authentic that the old one included in the library. The download package also includes a MIDI file.

Listen to a short demo (all dry):

download patch                 download for demo

Author: SonicProjects

OP-X MixedNewFavs Bank

A collection of 46 new fantastic sounds of all kinds: sweeps, pads, strings, solos, basses, fm, epianos, minimoog, jupiter - some completely new, some derived from existing presets. You'll going to love those patches!

Listen to some patches:

download bank                 download for demo

Author: SonicProjects

Polymoog Vox Humana

The famous first preset of old Polymoog, a bit more "trimmed to old" than the one in the "famous" bank. There will come more polymoog sounds in the future. You'll find some original clips here: original clips

Listen to clip (all dry):

download preset                 download for demo

Author: SonicProjects

OP-X Amazona Bank

Some patches derived from the audio examples of a real OB-X reviewed in the german online magazine This link takes you there: original clips

Listen to a patch medley:

download bank                 download for demo

Author: SonicProjects

OP-X Mixedanalog Bank

A set of analog sounding patches including some resonant sweeps, some great solos and also some strange sounding stuff. Those patches will sound like hardware.

Listen to some clips:

download bank                 download for demo

Author: SonicProjects

OP-X Evidence Bank

This bank contains the original patches that were used for the comparison examples on the websites' "comparison" section plus the patches for all sound clips not using the factory bank presets.

It's the same bank already included in the demo version for testing purpose. It includes a tutorial help file containing playing guides.

download bank

Additions for OP-X Reaktor:

Author: Mikkel Hakonsson (Level 42 Jam)

Level 42 patches for OP-X Reaktor

Level 42 patches and some other sounds in an ssf bank.

download bank