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OP-X Blue Reaktor 5     

OP-X Blue VST PC       

Morris Hayes, Prince: „I use it heavily in the shows. This plug kills!"



Luke Mourinet: „It's without a doubt the best OB-X emulation to date"

Mariano Saulino: „The OP-X has become my #1 analog axe for every project"


Already own the OP-X? Get the OP-X PRO for an upgrade price of just $49! Click here.


Product pages:




OP-X owners: PRO for $49!

Receptor Versions


Receptor is the ultimative live and studio tool used by many top acts.

Muse Research

Our plugins are available as officially supported premium plugins for this platform.

Our plugins are already pre-installed in every new featured Receptor!

Demos, licenses and crossgrades are available here:


Crossgrades to the Receptor versions are free!

Special offers

currently none available


Sonicprojects News:

Stringer available for Mac and 64bit ! It's newest version 3.0 offers lots of new features and sounds. Learn more here.

Limited special sale!     10/05/2021


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OP-X PRO-II for Mac and PC
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Stringer 3.0 for Mac and PC
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The sale may end anytime!

The Diogenes Club using OP-X PRO-II     11/15/2021

The Diogenes Club re-released their album on spotify and YouTube. Listen to an awesome track below which uses
OP-X PRO-II for all synth sounds!

If you want your tracks to sound like this get OP-X PRO-II !

The album on spotify:

Stringer availble for Mac and X64!     05/20/2021

Stringer 3.0 availble! The newest version is available for Mac and 64bit and offers lots of new features!

Learn more here.

OP-X PRO-II gets 10 !     09/28/2020

OP-X PRO-II is celebrating its 10th birthday! 15'000 customers worldwide including many famous artists from Ariel Pink over David Guetta to Weird Al Yankovic.

What started as a 32bit Windows-only single-interface VST2 plugin with 1'500 sounds has envolved to a multi-platform multi-format 64bit plugin offering multiple interfaces and a whooping 2'500 patches sounds library.


Back in 2006 its predecessor OP-X PRO was the first plugin worldwide to introduce separate voices and voice-based detunings which changed the whole virtual-analog plugin-industry.

Learn more here.

Banks Guide released     01/01/2020

OP-X PRO-II comes with 66 banks containing more than 2500 sounds in total. Learn more about all the included banks on the new banks info site.

New interfaces available     01/30/2018

OP-X PRO-II now offers three interface sizes and an alternative economy style interface called Rack Edition offering three sizes itself. Learn more here.

| video1 | video2 |

OP-X PRO-II version 1.2.5 update available     01/01/2017

OP-X PRO-II updated to version 1.2.5. The third major update since the 64bit and Mac release includes many bug fixes and optimizations. More details here.

Learn more here.

OP-X PRO-II released for Mac and x64!     09/30/2015

OP-X PRO-II available for Mac and x64 now! The avaliable formats include AU and VST3. More details here.

Learn more about OP-X PRO-II here.

New track from Garth Knight     10/05/2014

Listen to this excellent new funk track from Garth Knight. "I used OP-X PRO-II on everything":

Stuck In A Rhythm by Garth Knight

Weird Al Yankovic using OP-X PRO-II     09/20/2014

Weird Al Yankovic, the masters of rock parody, just scored #1 in the US billboard charts with their new album Mandatory Fun. Ruben Valtierra, keyboard director for Weird Al for the past 23 years and long time OP-X user will use our flagship synth on the upcoming tour.

"Foil" from their new album:

Velvet Acid Christ using OP-X PRO-II     01/15/2014

Velvet Acid Christ are the magicians of electro industrial music. Our flagship synth is part of it. VAC about OP-X PRO-II:

"OP-X PRO-II is the fucking bomb. THE BEST SOUNDING VST
on the planet!"

Listen to their music here

OP-X PRO-II used on new Starforce album     03/24/2013

Their new debut masterpiece uses our flagship synth as main synth on all tracks. Fantastic electronic music you should not miss! Check it out:

OP-X PRO-II meets David Guetta     03/15/2013

Fred Rister is going to use our flagship synth on the coming new album of David Guetta. So we're lookig forward to these coming new tracks!

I Can Only Imagine:


Mastertone Bank for OP-X PRO-II released     03/10/2013

A new soundbank featuring stunning soundsets from chosen analog synths is available in the sound reloads area.

download bank

Platinum Bank for OP-X PRO-II released     05/05/2012

A new soundbank featuring stunning emulations of early voltage controlled synths is available in the sound reloads area.

download bank

New tracks from Rob Mitchell     03/13/2012

Listen to the newest track of our customer Rob Mitchell. Used synths: OP-X PRO-II, Stringer, Battery:

Dark Matter by Examigan

OP-X PRO-II version 1.1 update available     09/23/2011

OP-X PRO-II is available in a new 1.1 version which optimizes its performance in some situations. More details here.

OP-X PRO and OP-X owners: You still can get OP-X PRO-II for an upgrade fee of just $35 and $69! Upgrade here.

Learn more about OP-X PRO-II here.

Gianluca Ghini uses OP-X PRO on new album     09/05/2011

Gianluca Ghini announces the release of his third album Beyond The Mirror. OP-X PRO has been used on almost every track. Great sounding music you should not miss!

Listen to a medley:

The album will be available on September 19 from here:

OP-X PRO-II bundled with Lionstracs Groove X-R     04/11/2011

Lionstracs brand new rack workstation and hardware vst player Groove X-R comes with OP-X PRO-II pre-installed with a license included.

Musikmesse Frankfurt 2011:  video1   video2   video3

Seymour Bits using OP-X on new album     01/14/2011

Seymour Bits, one of the hottest electro funk acts of the present days, are using OP-X on their new album.

"No time to waste":

OP-X PRO-II is out!     09/28/2010

OP-X PRO-II is out! Our new top flagship offers unbelievable sound, features you won't find in any other VSTi, and everything else you've ever dreamt of.

We have fantastic upgrade offers running until the end of the year, so jump in right now!

Learn more here.

New soundbank from Soundgasm available     10/29/2010

Soundgasm Design presents the new "Funkunit" soundbank for OP-X PRO which captures the funk magic of the 80ies and ports it to modern production. The bank is available here:

OP-X used on State Cows album     08/05/2010

A new masterpiece of Stefan Olofsson and Daniel Andersson. Classic no-compromise Westcoast sound which you should not miss! Check it out: builds OP-X controller     07/27/2010

Mario Jurisch from, the creator of the fabulous ImpOSCar 2 controller, now has finished building a custom hardware controller for the OP-X! A dream? Pure reality! Get to know their amazing controllers here:

The finished controller - click to enlarge

OP-X PRO used on "Cooler Than Me"     05/25/2010

Multi platinum producer Gigamesh has used several instances of our synth on Mike Posner's "Cooler Than Me" which reached number 6 in the us billboard charts and number one in the hot dance airplay charts.

The single was nominated the iTunes pop single of 2010 and sold more than 3 million times worldwide.

Gigamesh on OP-X PRO:

"OP-X PRO is by far my favourite soft synth. I use it constantly. Of all the software and hardware synths I own, I use this one the most."

Mistheria uses OP-X PRO for his keytar sound     12/17/2009

   Click to watch!

OP-X PRO as guitar? It's possible! Maestro Mistheria has showed this at the Zagreb demos with his personal Mistheria (ME) edition of OP-X PRO featuring some adaptations to the keytar controller. Learn more here.

OB-Xa factory soundset for OP-X PRO out!     12/16/2009

Adam Borseti has done a fantastic job on re-programming the complete original OB-Xa factory soundset for OP-X PRO to share it with all users. Thanks a lot Adam!

Listen to a medley:

Download here for free!

Cubase 5 issue fixed     08/26/2009

The licensing issue caused by the automatically popping up registration window has been fixed in all concerned installers and demo versions. Customers can just replace the old file with the fixed one by downloading it again. The demo versions were re-initialized for new periods.

VM Bundle out!     06/15/2009

The ultimative analog power bundle for the V-Machine and V-Rack! The bundle contains adapted versions of OP-X and Stringer as well as two send effect plugins and preconfigured ready-to-play banks.   learn more...

OP-X in KEYS     02/05/2009

Comprehensive four page rave review in KEYS, the biggest german magazine for music and computer. It includes two commented tracks on CD.

„With its discreete fluctuations the OP-X sounds broader, more lively and warmer than many competitors - simply beautiful."

Read more excerpts here: magazine reviews.

OP-X and Sara Lumholdt     12/24/2008

Ted Perlman, Grammy award winning producer, is using OP-X on the debut solo album of Sara Lumholdt (former A*Teens member). His statement:

"Great, great instrument! I absolutely love it!!"

Check out what more he has to say about our plugins on our testimonial site.

New mini versions out!     10/16/2008

OP-X FREE and OP-X PLAYER out! The new budget line preset synths are the cheapest way to get access to all those phantastic OP-X sounds, for free and just $39! Learn more about the new upgrade path here.

Updates for OP-X and OP-X PRO out     08/28/2008

OP-X 2.1 and OP-X PRO 1.2 updates out! The new versions include an improved arpeggiator, a sophisticated patch change smoother, midi cc feedback, a switchable legato mode (OP-X) and more. More information here.

OP-X PRO on stage with Cher     05/06/2008

OP-X PRO is being used for the Cher shows at Cesars Palace Las Vegas with Muse Research Receptor.

OP-X on stage with Rooney     03/12/2008

Rooney are using OP-X, OP-X PRO and Stringer live on stage and in the studio with Muse Receptor. Check out what Louie Stephens says about them on our testimonial site

Co-operation with Muse Research     10/14/2007

What have U2, Herbie Hancock, Joss Stone, George Duke, The Goo Goo Dolls, Garbage and Tears for Fears in common? They are using Muse Research Receptor on stage. SonicProjects is proud to announce its co-operation with Muse Research. Our plugins have been labor tested and are now officially supported by Muse Research with specialized installers and will be pre-installed as premium plugins in every new featured Receptor. Licenses, demos, updates and crossgrades are available on Plugorama. Crossgrades are free!

OP-X PRO at AES New York     10/14/2007

See the OP-X PRO being introduced at AES New York by Brian Lanser:  video1  video2


OP-X PRO on stage with Foreigner     10/23/2007

Paul Mirkovich is going to use OP-X PRO with Foreigner on stage using Receptor. He's one of the most famous artists in the business. His credits include Cher, Janet Jackson, INXS, Peter Gabriel, Foreigner, Anastasia, Whitesnake as well as many others.

New reviews out     09/22/2007

A couple of enthusiastic new reviews by major magazines out, including Soundmaker, Electronic Musician, Digital Music Magazine and Amazona. The pdfs will be made available as soon as possible. You'll find excerpts on the testimonials section.

„The sound is without exaggeration incredible"

Soundmaker 9/07

„The concept is without competition"

Amazona 10/07

„Excellent VSTi recreations"

Electronic Musician 8/07

OP-X on stage with Night Ranger     06/20/2007

Christian Cullen uses the OP-X and Stringer on stage with Night Ranger using boot camp on an PowerBook. He's enthusiastic about the sound and stability of the plugins.

Read his review in the testimonials section or visit him on his myspace site.

Cullen has worked with people like Alan Parsons, David Cassidy and Eric Rosse (Tori Amos).

New versions out     04/01/2007

OP-X 2.0, OP-X PRO 1.1 and Stringer 1.1 out. Featuring new GUIs, a lot of new sounds and enhanced engines.

The graphical user interface have been overworked in collaboration with 3d genius Reuben Flounders. Visit his site showing some breathtaking renderings:

December 2006: OP-X PRO released

September 2006: Stringer released

April 2006: OP-X VST released

older news


Sonicprojects Products:

The available plugins

SonicProjects provides top notch digital emulations of old classics. The currently available plugins include:

OP-X   /   OP-X PRO   /   Stringer

OP-X PRO-II   New!


Listen to some audio clips:

OP-X PRO-II performing some famous 80s songs using factory patches from its included 2500 patches library. Learn more here.

Product GUIs:

Sonicprojects OP-X          Click to enlarge      

OP-X - The classic analog synth    learn more

Sonicprojects OP-X PRO          Click to enlarge      

OP-X PRO - A lot of added features    learn more

Sonicprojects OP-X PRO-II          Click to enlarge      

OP-X PRO-II - The new top flagship of the OP series    learn more

Sonicprojects Stringer                Click to enlarge      

Stringer - Two engines with top notch samples    learn more

OP-X FREE and PLAYER                Click to enlarge      

OP-X FREE and OP-X PLAYER - the budget mini line    learn more

The products in short:


A virtual emulation of the famous OB-X with enhanced feature set and separate voice design. Comes with a library of 470 famous classic sounds.  learn more


Based on the OP-X engine with a lot of added features like multimode filters or tuning trimpots. OP-X owners can get this synth for a cheap upgrade price.  learn more


A virtual string machine containing top notch samples from ARP Omni II, Logan String Melody II and Welson Symphony. Two engines for splits and layers.  learn more


Two budget preset versions of OP-X. They have the same engine and sound as OP-X, but a cut down user interface that only gives access to a few parameters.  learn more

VM Bundle

The implementation of OP-X and Stringer for the SM Pro Audio V-Machine. Optimized performance and massively reduced CPU consumption for stable performance.  learn more


The new extended "monster" OP-X PRO featuring doubled polyphony, effects, new arpeggiator, unique live features and a massive 2'500 patches sound library.  learn more

VST Windows, Receptor, Reaktor 5 (OP-X), VFX


Separate Voice Design (SVD)

Sonicprojects own technology to model analog polysynths, used in OP-X and OP-X PRO. The building structure ist the exact same as in real analog polysynths including all those small imperfectnesses that make up the beloved sound.

The voices are not cloned as usual to achieve polyphony. Each voice is a separate monosynth with completely independent signal path and slightly differing sound like in the real world. Global tuning options give total control.    more...


Used for Stringer. The quality of samples is highly dependent on the converters and clock used. You'll never win back what you lose here. That's why we only use highend Apogee (TM) converters for sampling.    more...

Technology videos:

A video showing the benefits of the Separate Voice Design (SVD) using a dry comparison to a famous real vintage synth. The used settings can be downloaded as an fxb bank here.


SonicProjects was the first company in the world to implement the following technologies in a VSTi instrument:

February 2006:

Separate Voice Design (SVD)   learn more...

October 2010:  Relative MIDI Controller

Relative and fetched MIDI Controller processing   learn more...

October 2010:

Dual engine effects processing   learn more...