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OP-X PRO-II out!      Click here for infos!
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OP-X Blue Reaktor 5     

OP-X Blue VST PC       

Gary Corbett: „This is the best virtual synth I have ever heard“



Luke Mourinet: „It's without a doubt the best OB-X emulation to date“

Mariano Saulino: „The OP-X has become my #1 analog axe for every project“


Already own the OP-X? Get the OP-X PRO for an upgrade price of just $49! Click here.


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OP-X owners: PRO for $49!

Receptor Versions


Receptor is the ultimative live and studio tool used by many top acts.

Muse Research

Our plugins are available as officially supported premium plugins for this platform.

Our plugins are already pre-installed in every new featured Receptor!

Demos, licenses and crossgrades are available here:


Crossgrades to the Receptor versions are free!

Special offers

currently none available


Sonicprojects Older News:

New versions out     04/01/2007

OP-X 2.0, OP-X PRO 1.1 and Stringer 1.1 out. Featuring new GUIs, a lot of new sounds and enhanced engines.

The graphical user interface have been overworked in collaboration with 3d genius Reuben Flounders. Visit his site showing some breathtaking renderings:

December 2006: OP-X PRO released

September 2006: Stringer released

April 2006: OP-X VST released

February 2006: OP-X Reaktor released

January 2006: SonicProjects launched

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Sonicprojects Products:

The available plugins

SonicProjects provides top notch digital emulations of old classics. The currently available plugins include:

OP-X   /   OP-X PRO   /   Stringer

Listen to some audio clips:





Product GUIs:

Sonicprojects OP-X          Click to enlarge      

OP-X Surface - Beautiful and intuitive

Sonicprojects OP-X PRO          Click to enlarge      

OP-X PRO Surface - A lot of added features

Sonicprojects Stringer                Click to enlarge      

Stringer Surface - Two engines with top notch samples

The products in short:


A virtual emulation of the famous OB-X with enhanced feature set and separate voice design. Comes with a library of 470 famous classic sounds.  learn more


Based on the OP-X engine with a lot of added features like multimode filters or tuning trimpots. OP-X owners can get this synth for a cheap upgrade price.  learn more


A virtual string machine containing top notch samples from ARP Omni II, Logan String Melody II and Welson Symphony. Two engines for splits and layers.  learn more

VST Windows, Receptor, Reaktor 5 (OP-X)


Separate Voice Design (SVD)

Sonicprojects own technology to model analog polysynths, used in OP-X and OP-X PRO. The building structure ist the exact same as in real analog polysynths including all those small imperfectnesses that make up the beloved sound.

The voices are not cloned as usual to achieve polyphony. Each voice is a separate monosynth with completely independent signal path and slightly differing sound like in the real world. Global tuning options give total control.    more...


Used for Stringer. The quality of samples is highly dependent on the converters and clock used. You'll never win back what you lose here. That's why we only use highend Apogee (TM) converters for sampling.    more...