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OP-X PRO-II out!      Click here for infos!
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OP-X PRO                         

OP-X VST                        

The real OB-X Rev.2       
You will find here some outtakes from the OP-X PRO sound library. The library contains all sounds of the OP-X library plus a lot of new ones featuring the ehnanced possibilities.

Be aware that the mp3 format takes away a lot of depth and destroys the stereo image.


  Multimode Pad

  Mod Intro

  Monster HPmod

  Envmix Sweep

  Notch Softsweep

  HP Sweeps

  Filter Morphing

Sine FM:

  Stereo FM Tones

  Bewitched Bell


  Closing Minimoog

  Mann Minimoog


Classic Solos:

  OB Syncsolo

  Classic Sawsolo

ARP Odyssey:

  Odyssey 24dB

  Odyssey 12dB

  Raw Odyssey

  Auto Ampmod

  Notch Ringmod

Analog Tones:

  Pure Tones

  Mod Tones

Sample & Hold:

  SH Sweep

  SH F-Mod


  Electronic Sequence

  Fast Noisearp


  MS-20 Clav

Drum & Bass:

  Depeche Hardbass

  Deep Drums

  High Snare

Harp & Clav:

  Stereo Harp

  Synthex Clav


All sounds coming from the OP-X PRO, no eqing and compressing, just a bit reverb and delay used sometimes

  Video Intro Song

  Video Outro Song

Old Sounds from OP-X Library:

  Jump Intro

  Axel F.

  Tom Sawyer

  Signs Of Life

  Crazy Diamond

  Final Countdown

  OB Powerpads

  Jupiter Sweep

  OB Strings