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OP-X PRO-II out!      Click here for infos!
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OP-X PRO                         

OP-X VST                        

The real OB-X Rev.2       
This site is focussed on the added new features. For general information on the OP-X have a look at the OP-X site.  more

The multimode filter

The SEM based multimode filter offers two extreme positions: a 12/24dB switchable lowpass pole (12dB mode same as OP-X) and a seamlessly (!) switchable multimode position (highpass, bandpass, lowpass). A mix trimpot can blend from the lowpass pole to the multimode pole continuously. If the multimode pole is in highpass mode the 12 o'clock mix results in notch filtering like in the old SEM module. The lowpass-multimode mix can be automated by the main lfo and the filter envelope. This gives you tremendous control over tone to make fit a sound the mix without eqing at all. That's how it should be anyway.

Panning modulation

The already great individual voice pans can now be modulated by the lfo for moving stereo effects.

Tuning trimpots

The tuning trimpots of the original's voice cards have returned in the virtual world. You can tune your OP-X PRO now like a service technician of the old days. This allows you to copy a hardware synth in every detail and gives you total control over the overall sound.

Lets you tune the filters of each voice.

Lets you tune the filter envelopes of each voice. This gives total control for vintage sweeps and pads.

Lets you tune the portamento times of each voice. This gives total control over the „smear“ effect of the old days.

Amp modulation

An OB-8 feature is present now too.

Ocillators tune offset

In old voltage controlled analog synths a totally equal tuning between oscillator 1 and 2 was almoust impossible. There were always slow beats left. This trimpot lets you control this effect.

Oscillators fine tuning

Old monophonic synths like the ARP Odyssey offered continuous pitch control for fine fm adjustments. In the OP-X PRO you can switch from quantized (semi tones or octaves) to seamless pitch control.

Voice muting section

The voices can be muted individually for less fat unisono sounds, real mono mode and tuning purpose.

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