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The sound of OP-X PRO-II

Like its small brothers OP-X PRO-II is not limited at all to a specific range of sounds. Its separate voice engine allows it to emulate a wide range of classic analog sounds with all colors from dirty and direct over soft and warm up to huge and pompous. So don't be surprised if it can emulate the sounds of various famous synths better than dedicated clones. It's conceived to do this and so can be looked at as a universal synth for all kinds of classic sounds.
. . . . . . . . . . .

2500 sounds to choose from!

OP-X PRO-II comes with one of the most complete and most fantastic sounding patches library available which has grown over years.

Former sounds and new reloads are posted here

Famous Sounds

OP-X PRO-II offers tons of famous sounds and famous synth emulating patches all based on extensive research in various sources. Learn more about those sources here

Preset Demos

Listen to some of the 2'500 presets that come with OP-X PRO-II. Except for drums in the song examples all sounds are coming from OP-X PRO-II. No external effects have been involved. Each sound can be auditioned with the demo version.

Click on the speakers

Famous Bank:

  Live is for Living

  Victims of Circumstance

  99 Luftballons Strings

  99 Luftballons

  Save a Prayer

  Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

  Break Free Intro

  I Want You Break Free

  Radio Ga Ga


  New Song

  I Want To Know

  Money Piano

  Toto Africa Brass

  Halen Jump

  Lucky Man Solo

  Camera Eye

  Separate Ways Intro

Solo Bank:

  Mays Prophet Lead

  Shine On Solo

  OB Tuned Unisaw

  OB Sync Solo

  OB Sawtooth Solo

Pads Bank:

  OB Amazona Pad II

  Matrix-12 Reso Pad

  Saulino Soundtracks

  Jupiter Super Pad

  Jupiter Glacial Pad

  Matrix Monster Pad

Strings Bank:

  Matrix Mod Strings

  OB Lush Superstrings

  OB Simple Strings

  OB Drifting Strings

  OB Supersoft Strings

  HP Slowmod Strings

  Matrix Softstrings II

  Matrix Power Strings

  OB Lush Strings

  Prophet Warm Strings

  Matrix Monster Strings

Clavinet Organ:

  Warm Clavinet

  Amped Clavinet

  Electro Reso Clavinet

  DW8000 Organ

  Dark Warm Organ

Mixed Banks:

  Drums Presets

  Matrix FM Bells

  Sampled Vibrato

  Filter Morphing

  Mystic Spaces Cluster

Sweeps Bank:

  Matrix Sweeps

  Matrix Lush Sweeps

  OB-X Sweep

  OB-X PWM Sweep

  OB-Xa Upsweeps

  Reso Notch Sweep

Brass Bank:

  OB-8 Brass Ensemble

  OB Monobrass

  Prophet Brass Stab

  Prophet Hi Brass

  Prophet Soft Brass

  Prophet Mellow Brass

  Jupiter Mono Brass

  OB-8 Full Brass

  OB-Xa Brass Ensemble

  Chroma Brass

  Matrix Brass Strings

Arpeggio Bank:

  Supersoft Pulsearp

  Jupiter Arpeggio

  Reverse Pulsearp

  Moving Multimode

  Pulse Multimode ARP

OB-X Bank:

  OB-X Porta Brass

  OB-X Upsweeps

  OB-X Sweepchords

  OB-X Porta Chords

  OB-X PWM Velosweep

Bass Bank:

  Fretless Bass

  Holiday Bass

  Floyd Signs Bass

  Electro Bass

  Taurus Bass

  Minimoog Bass

Matrix Bank:

  Bandpass Chords

  BP Stereomod Pad

  Sync Notch Sweeps

  Long Wave Receiver

  Rising MM Chords

  Matrix FMod Bumps

  Human Voice Percpad

  Hires FM Portasweep

  Magic Mistery Brass

  Strange FM Arpeggio

  XPander Landing Jet

Jupiter Bank:

  Jupiter Neg Pluck

  Jupiter NP Jam

  Jupiter Lo Strings

  Jupiter Neg Sync

  Jupiter Narrow Perc

  Jupiter Classic Harp

  Jupiter Arpeggio

  Jupiter Super Pad

  Jupiter Neg Perc

  Jupiter Rubust Strings

  Jupiter Clear Unisync

  Jupiter Dark Strings

Polymoog Bank:

  Numan Cars Lead

  Abba Polymoog Brass

  Eagle Polymoog

Synthex Bank:

  Jarre Laser Harp

  Synthex LFO Multmod

  Synthex Lush Percpad

  Synthex MM Sweep

  Synthex Mod Strings

  Synthex Dirty Cembal

  Synthex Piano

  Synthex Speed Arp

Prophet Bank:

  Prophet Full Brass

  Prophet Cosy Brass

  Floyd Turns Prophet

  Prophet Sawsync

  Prophet Perc Solo

  Prophet Echoing Sync

  Prophet Unisync II

  Prophet Toy Piano

  Prophet Factory Clav

  Prophet Clavichord

  Prophet Upsweeps

Minimoog Bank:

  MM Classic Bass

  Duke Minimoog

  Circle Minimoog

  MM Dark Sawsolo

  Fatback Minimoog