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Banks Guide

This dedicated site offers infos about the banks that are included in the pre-installed banks library of OP-X PRO-II. It's 66 banks containing more than 2'500 sounds. To learn more about the banks scroll downwards or click on the bank you want to learn more about in the banks list and you'll be taken to the dedicated place.

To access the banks click on the BANK LOAD button in the synth's grey top-bar:


Factory default bank:

Before you start checking out all the additional banks we highly recommend to play once through the 128 presets of the factory default bank which the synth starts with after instantiation. It's chosen patches taken from various banks, which give a good impression on what the synth can do.

Once you've done this it's time to check out the additional banks, which can be loaded with the BANK LOAD button. Clicking on it will present you the file structure as shown on the left. You always can return to the factory default bank by loading the PROII_DEFAULTBANK from the root area.

Quick finder:

Famous 80s sounds:


Jupiter-8 sounds:


Prophet-5 sounds:


Matrix-12 sounds:


OB-X / OB-Xa / OB-8 sounds:



Library structure:

There's a root area offering 32 banks and two sub-folders containing 34 further banks.

The root area contains the original soundset which already was included on installation in the old 32bit version of the synth. The two sub-folders "Downloaded" and "Exrabanks" contain further banks:


This folder contains all additional banks released on the sound reloads page after the initial release of OP-X PRO-II until the release of the 64bit and Mac version:

sound reloads site


This sub-folder contains some additional small banks. Some of them contain patches we used for songs used for testing.

So the old windows 32bit version doesn't include these sub-folders on installation. If you didn't download the reload banks included in these as single banks already you can download them in one package in windows 32bit format (fxb) from here:

download for version 1.1 (windows 32bit)

By placing the folders included in this package the windows 32bit version (1.1) will have the exact same library and library structure as the 64bit and Mac versions have after installation.

Banks info:

Here's now finally the list of all included banks. Each bank entry offers infos, audio clips and videos for the dedicated bank.

You either can scroll through the banks freely, or target a dedicated bank by clicking on its file name in the tree structure of the left pane, which will automatically take you to the right place. You can go back to the tree structure by clicking the back arrows or the browser's back button.

The same as in the tree structure the banks of the two sub-folders are at the top while the banks of the root area are at the very bottom.


Downloaded sub-folder:


PROII_BORSETI_01       | Downloaded |       

Borseti Collection

The Borseti collection includes the whole private patches library of sound designer Adam Borseti (308 patches in total!) including a Rush sounds bank, a Japan bank and a derived custom bank (Selection) created by SonicProjects. Thanks a lot Adam!

This bank in the Borseti Collection is the first bunch of the raw patches (128) from 1 to O, sorted alphabetically.


PROII_BORSETI_02       | Downloaded |       

This bank in the Borseti Collection is the second bunch of the raw patches (128) from O to T, sorted alphabetically.


PROII_BORSETI_03       | Downloaded |       

This bank in the Borseti Collection is the third and last bunch of the raw patches (20) from T to Z, sorted alphabetically.


PROII_BORSETI_JAPAN       | Downloaded |       

This bank in the Borseti Collection offers patches from the "Tin Drum" album of the band Japan.


PROII_BORSETI_RUSH       | Downloaded |       

This bank in the Borseti Collection offers a collection of Rush patches programmed by Adam Borseti.

Further Rush patches can be found in these banks:




PROII_BORSETISELECTION       | Downloaded |       

Borseti Selection

This bank in the Borseti Collection is a bank created by SonicProjects based on selected patches from Adam's collection.

Listen to these awesome patches in the video demo!

Demo Clips:

  Borseti Selection Medley (video)


PROII_COMPARISON       | Downloaded |       

Comparison Bank

A small set of six presets which were copied in every detail including the individual voices' detunings from our studio Oberheim OB-X for a comparison demo video which is linked below.

This is your opportunity to play our OB-X and its unique individual sound by yourself at home!

Demo Clips:

  Comparison Video

A:B comparison clips real OB-X vs. OP-X PRO-II:

  Sweep 1 OB-X

  Sweep 1 OP-X PRO-II

  Sweep 2 OB-X

  Sweep 2 OP-X PRO-II

  Pmpad 1 OB-X

  Pmpad 1 OP-X PRO-II

  Pmpad 2 OB-X

  Pmpad 2 OP-X PRO-II

  Strings 1 OB-X

  Strings 1 OP-X PRO-II

  Strings 2 OB-X

  Strings 2 OP-X PRO-II

  Strings 3 OB-X

  Strings 3 OP-X PRO-II

  Syncsolo OB-X

  Syncsolo OP-X PRO-II

  Brass OB-X

  Brass OP-X PRO-II


PROII_DTRAINOJAYS       | Downloaded |       

D Train O'Jays Bank

A small bank of 12 presets which allow to re-create the synth part of two famous soul funk dance songs from the early 80ies. The package contains multitrack midi files to recreate the demo clips. You also can download it as cubase sessions here.

Demo Clips:

  Cubase Sessions video

  D Train - You're The One For Me

  O'Jays - Put Our Heads Together

All sounds are coming from OP-X PRO-II except for drums and piano & rhodes.


PROII_FALTERMEYER       | Downloaded |       

Axel F Bank

This bank includes all needed sounds (13) to recreate the famous "Axel F" soundtrack from composer Harold Faltermeyer which became famous as film soundtrack in Beverly Hills Cop. Watch the video to see the sounds of the bank in action!

Demo Clips:

  Patches Demo Video


PROII_GOLDSELECTION       | Downloaded |       

Gold Selection

This bank includes another selection of patches from the Borseti Collection sometimes featuring slight edits and changes. For more infos about the Borseti Cllection click the Borseti banks.

No audio demo for this bank


PROII_JUPITER8COMPLETE       | Downloaded |       

Jupiter-8 Collection

The original Jupiter-8 Factory Patches (64) re-programmed for OP-X PRO-II plus a further bank of custom user sounds (64) derived from the factory patches, available in two separate banks as well as combined in one single bank.

Demo Clips:

  Patch reference video

  Comparison video

  Comparison clips (mp3)

As for original reference we relied on the excellent clips on and played the same riffs in the medley to allow a direct comparison:

KVR release thread:

This bank in the Jupiter-8 Collection contains both the factory patches (64) an the user sounds (64) in one bank.


PROII_JUPITER8FACTORIES       | Downloaded |       

Jupiter-8 Collection

The original Jupiter-8 Factory Patches (64) re-programmed for OP-X PRO-II plus a further bank of custom user sounds (64) derived from the factory patches, available in two separate banks as well as combined in one single bank.

A:B comparison to a real Jupiter-8:

  34 Mellow Strings

  34 Mellow Strings

  84 Cello

  84 Cello

  21 Clav

  21 Clav

  38 Synth Brass

  38 Synth Brass

  75 Horn Fifths

  75 Horn Fifths

  82 Flute

  82 Flute

  22 Harpsichord

  22 Harpsichord

  35 Lo Brass

  35 Lo Brass

  76 Horn Tritone

  76 Horn Tritone

  85 Violin

  85 Violin

  28 Harp

  28 Harp

  11 Neg Sync

  11 Neg Sync

The original Jupiter-8 audio clips used for this comparison have been licensed from

This bank in the Jupiter-8 Collection contains only the factory patches (64).


PROII_JUPITER8USERSOUNDS       | Downloaded |       

Jupiter-8 Collection

The original Jupiter-8 Factory Patches (64) re-programmed for OP-X PRO-II plus a further bank of custom user sounds (64) derived from the factory patches, available in two separate banks as well as combined in one single bank.

This bank in the Jupiter-8 Collection contains only the user patches (64).

Demo Clips:

  Patches demo

  Jupiter Jump

  Super Clavinet
  Echo Flute Impro

  Harmonica Piano

  Neg Sync Unison

As for original reference we relied on the excellent clips on and played the same riffs in the medley to allow a direct comparison:


PROII_MASTERTONE       | Downloaded |       

Mastertone Bank

A collection of 64 wonderful patches which have been modelled after synths like OB-Xa, OB-8, Matrix-12, Jupiter-6, Jupiter-8, Minimoog and Crumar Bit99 with the weight laid on warmth and smoothness. You're gonna love these sounds - promised!

Demo Clips:

  Video: Patches Demo

Some single patch clips:

  JP-6 Hipass Arp

  Jupiter Third Arp

  Minimal Perc Seq

  JP-8 80ies Sweeps

  Xpander 5th Chords

  Unison Brass Bass

  OB-8 Fifth Sweeps

  OB Pulse Synclead
  Gentle Upsweeps

  Punch Xa Brass

  Prophet-5 Brass Pad

  Tamed OB Brass

  Ampmod Pad

  BIT99 Funk EP

  BIT99 Sweep Pad

  Dark LFO Brass
  HP Sync Lead

  Mays JX Lead

  Minimoog Cool 5th

  Minimoog Cool Lead

  Smooth Ana Brass

  Smooth Fruity Brass

  Chord Lead

  Digital Machine


PROII_MATRIX6       | Downloaded |       

Matrix 6 Bank

The 15 sounds in this bank have been copied by listening from the great Matrix 6 demo video from Katsunori Ujiie (

Original video and clone video:

  Matrix 6 video

  OP-X PRO-II video


PROII_MATRIXREVELATION       | Downloaded |       

Matrix Revelation

This bank offers 111 unique sounds inspired by the Oberheim Matrix 12. There are full warm pads, brasses, organ, clavs, and there's a section offering some of the craziest experimental effect sounds ever released for this synth!

Demo Clips:

  Patches Medley (video)

Some single patch clips:

  Pulsemod Presets

  Pulsemod SH

  Bulbous PM II

  Pulse Chords II

  Closed Pad

  Bulbous Strings

  Leslie Organ

  Lush Strings
  Broken Musicbox

  Come And Go

  ET Harpsichord

  Outerspace Growl

  Ujiie Brass

  Punch Brass

  Punch Chord

  Watcher Chord
  Inmdustrial Perc MD

  Space Bongos

  Pulsemod Pad

  Pulsepad Modrel

  Soft Attack Chords

  Sweep Strings

  Dark Bell Piano

  Ultra Hires Chords


PROII_NEILPALMER       | Downloaded |       

Neil Palmer Presets

Three presets from Xavier Naidoo keyboard player and producer Neil Palmer, including a very nice Mod Clav and two new variants on the OB St Genevieve preset derived from dedicated presets in his Oberheim Xpander. Thank you Neil!

Demo Clips:

  Palmer Mod Clav (audio demo by Neil Palmer)

  XP St Genevieve


PROII_OBXAFACTORIES       | Downloaded |       

OB-Xa Factories

The original OB-Xa factories double bank from Adam Borseti, originally released for OP-X PRO, now consolidated to one single bank for OP-X PRO-II for easier use!

Demo Clip:

  OB-Xa Factories Medley


PROII_OBXFACTORIES       | Downloaded |       

OB-X Factories

The original OB-X factory presets (32) re-programmed after the original patch sheets by Adam Borseti. The patches offer a lot of dirt and organic character. Thanks a lot Adam!

Demo Clip:

  OB-X Factories Medley


PROII_PLATINUM       | Downloaded |       

Platinum Bank

The magic and the power of the expensive classics! A bank of 82 stunning presets modeled after highly sought after early voltage controlled syths including OB-X, OB-Xa, OB-8, Jupiter-8, Jupiter-6, Prophet-5, Matrix-12 and Synthex. This bank is a must have!

Demo Clips:

  Patches Medley (video)

Some single patch clips:

  FM Midnight Bell

  MM DL Arpeggio FMS

  Synthex Speed Arpeggio

  Prophet Full Brass

  Matrix-12 Reso Pad II

  Prophet-5 LFO Pad


  OB-Xa Sweep Chords
  Prophet Upsweeps

  OB-X Lush D-Sweeps

  OB-X PWM Sweep

  OB-Xa Slow Upsweeps

  Matrix Strange Tones

  OB-Xa Porta Chords

  OB-8 Superwarm Strings

  JP-8 Power Chords


PROII_RELOAD001       | Downloaded |       

Reload 001

The first small reload. More will follow. Some pads, sample&hold patches, and three really nice wurly patches. Play Supertramp with OP-X PRO-II!

Demo Clips:

  Tramp Wurly DS

  OB Fifth Reverb Pad


PROII_RELOAD002       | Downloaded |       

Reload 002 Bank

This 45 patches bank includes improved, edited and new patches inspired by XPander, OB-X, Jupiter-8 and BIT99. It includes some of our all-time favourite sounds for OP-X PRO-II, so we're sure you'll love the sounds too! This bank is a must-have!

  Demo video


PROII_RICHSOURCE       | Downloaded |       

Rich Source Bank

This bank is the result of cleaning our entire work library looking for valuable patches worth to be shared. It offers no less than 100 patches in total, the biggest part of them all new or improved famous patches featuring Van Halen, Rush, Nena, BJH, Pink Floyd, Styx and others, and in the last third of the bank a bunch of famous synth sounds.

Demo Clips:

  Prince 1999

  Van Halen Love

  Van Halen Feels Organ

  Nena Leutchtturm

  Pink Floyd Shine

  BJH Live in Berlin 1980

  BJH Borderline

  BJH I'm Like A Train

  BJH Back To The Wall

  Toto Africa

  Rush Subdivisions
  Oberheim Cream Lead

  Fat Polymoog Pad

  MKS-80 Bass

  Tom Sawyer Bass

  Rush New World

  Minimoog Bass

  Minimoog Dirt Solo

  JX-8P Presets

  DW-8000 Spread Lead


PROII_ROBMITCHELL       | Downloaded |       

Rob Mitchell Bank

A bank of 41 presets provided by customer Rob Mitchell, programmed from gound up using the init patch as base. Contains some really surprising sounds. Thank you Rob!

  RM-Crazed Scream  (caution to ears!)


PROII_ROBMITCHELLCHIPTUNES       | Downloaded |       

Chiptunes Bank

A bank of 30 presets provided by customer Rob Mitchell which imitate some computer game sounds from the old SID chip. Thank you Rob!

  Demo by Rob Mitchell


PROII_ROBMITCHELLTRANCE       | Downloaded |       

Rob Mitchell Trance Presets

A set of five presets from Rob Mitchell which are suitable for trance style tracks. Cutting leads and ultra deep basses. Also inluded is a Jan Hammer style solo sound. Thank you Rob!

Demo Clip:

  Trance presets demo     Rob Mitchell on soundcloud


Extrabanks sub-folder:


PROII_Cubase6Instances       | Extrabanks |       

These patches were used for a test session.


PROII_EightiesReload1       | Extrabanks |       

These are some additional famous 80s patches including the Alphaville "Forever Young" pad, a trial for "Big In Japan" and too an eary trial for the Take On Me lead sound.


PROII_FilterSounds       | Extrabanks |       

Some cool sounding filter sound patches (Seal and Kraftwerk).

Demo Clips:

  Filter Sounds


PROII_Live8InstancesSong       | Extrabanks |       

Mac Release Trailer Bank

This bank offers the 8 original sounds used in the Mac and x64 release trailer video. There are two leads, a nice soft string sound, a huge sounding dynamically playable bass drum sound, a synced arpeggio, snare, fretless bass and an effect sound.

Demo Clips:

  Release trailer video

During the time this session contaning 8 instances of OP-X PRO-II for all sounds has become our main testing session to check out how the synth performs in various different sequencers.

You can download the session ready to play for various mac and windows sequencers here:

download session


PROII_PlatinumBankSong       | Extrabanks |       

Platinum Bank Song Patches

This bank includes the patches used in the "Platinum Bank Song" which was a test song using 21 instances of OP-X PRO-II for all sounds including drums to test CPU performance.

It mainly features patches from the "Platinum" bank (PROII_PLATINUM in "Downloaded") and patches from the "Drums" bank (PROII_DRUMS) to do the drums purely synth-based.

Check out the lead sound! It's probably the most powerful and cutting lead patch in the entire library, which breaks through walls!

Demo Clip:

  Platinum Bank Song (video)

  Drums alone


PROII_Pulp       | Extrabanks |       

These are some patches related to the band Pulp


PROII_SH01       | Extrabanks |       

SH-01 Bank

This is a mini bank offering some typical SH-01 sounds. Simple but enormously fat thanks to sub-bass. Since this sounds great arpeggiating is included in some of them!

Demo Clip:

  SH-01 sequenced


PROII_StudioOneTraveller       | Extrabanks |       

These are some patches we used in a test session to test the Presonus Studio One sequencer featuring the song "Days Are Numbers" from Alan Parsons.

Root area:


PROII_ARPEGGIOS       | Rootbanks |       

Arpeggios Bank

Arpeggio presets collection

Demo Clips:

  Video: Arpeggio Jam with preset 2

  Supersoft Pulsearp

  Jupiter Arpeggio

  Reverse Pulsearp

  Modular Arpeggio

  Moving Multimode

Some recommended arpeggio patches in other banks:


  MM DL Arpeggio FMS

  Synthex Speed Arpeggio


  Jupiter 6 Hipass Arpeggio

  Jupiter Third Arp

  Minimal Perc Seq


PROII_BASS       | Rootbanks |       

Bass Bank

Bass presets collection

Demo Clips:

  Fretless Bass

  Holiday Bass

  Floyd Signs Bass

  Electro Bass

  Taurus Bass

  Minimoog Bass


PROII_BIT99       | Rootbanks |       

Bit 99 Bank

Crumar Bit 99 presets collection

The Crumar BIT99 was an analog synth from the Italian company Crumar which came out in 1985. It used pitch-stable DCOs instead of VCOs and did completely withiout any knobs. Both was the new trend in 1985. A synth of the same manner (DCOs, no knobs) was the Oberheim Matrix-6. The Crumar BIT99 also was available in a rack version called BIT 01.

Since the BIT99 had velocity sensitivity it was very dynamically playable and thanks to the ability for filter self oscillation also could do some great filter-effect sounds. The best feature however was the "Double" function which made one key trigger two voices which could produce extremely fat sounds. This feature in fact inspired the "Double" preset in OP-X PRO-II's midi processor presets which does exactly this.

The presets in this bank actually were cloned from the presets of our studio BIT-99 machine. They mostly use the zero position of the beats control trimpot in the CONTROL section to emulate DCO behaviour.

Demo Clips:

  Bit99 Velo Sawperc

  Bit99 Pulse Cembalo

  Bit99 Release Upsweep

  Bit99 Delayed LFO

  Bit99 Heaven Pulse

  Bit99 LFO Brass

  Bit99 Octave Stacco

  Bit99 Wheel Organo

  Bit99 Pulse Perc SH

  Bit99 Damped Cembalo


PROII_BRASS       | Rootbanks |       

Brass Bank

Brass presets collection

Demo Clips:

  OB-8 Brass Ensemble

  OB Monobrass

  Prophet Brass Stab

  Prophet Hi Brass

  Prophet Soft Brass

  Prophet Mellow Brass

  Jupiter Mono Brass

  OB-8 Full Brass

  OB-Xa Brass Ensemble

  Chroma Brass

  Matrix Brass Strings

Some recommended sweeps from other banks:


  Prophet Full Brass


  Double Brass

  Prophet-5 Brass Pad

  Tamed Oberheim Brass


PROII_CKBUNDLE       | Rootbanks |       

Classic Keys Bundle Bank

This is the original soundset of OP-X in our VM Bundle for the SM Pro Audio V-Machine hardware VST Player. This version of OP-X including the same soundset also was included in the Classic Keys Bundle (CKB) DVD for the V-Machine sold by SM Pro audio which sometimes also was bundled with the V-Machine.

When the V-Machine came out (end of 2008) OP-X PRO-II didn't exist yet, only its less capable precedessors OP-X PRO and OP-X, from which OP-X, the less cpu demanding of the two, was adapted in a special version for the V-Machine and finally found its way into the VM Bundle and into the Classic Keys Bundle.

In fact the development of the OP-X for the V-Machine was an important preliminary work regarding CPU optimization and too use of effects for the later coming OP-X PRO-II. Which also means that OP-X PRO-II can do all (and much more) that OP-X in the VM Bundle / CK Bundle could, and so can do all these patches with identical sound.

So if you somewhen should have strumbled over the VM Bundle video in youtube (which became the mostly wached V-Machine video in youtube) and liked the sounds but did not know how to re-create them without getting a V-Machine, here you go. The CK Bundle bank features the exact same sounds.

Demo Clips:

  VM Bundle V-Machine video


PROII_CLAVINET       | Rootbanks |       

Clavinet Bank

Clavinet presets collection

Demo Clips:

  Warm Clavinet

  Amped Clavinet

  Electro Reso Clavinet

  Prophet Clavinet

  Pulse Mod Clavinet


PROII_DEFAULTBANK       | Rootbanks |       

Default Bank

This is the factory default soundset which the synths always starts with after new instatiation. It's 128 chosen patches taken from various banks which tries to give an impression of what the synth can do.

So when you loaded a different bank and want to return back to the default soundset without re-instantiating the plugin simply load this bank.

The synth however doesn't load the default soundset from this bank. In versions prior to 1.2.6 it used to load it from the DEFAULTBANK file located one level deeper, but since version 1.2.6 the default soundset actually is compiled into the plugin to save CPU cycles on initialization.

There are countless demos for the default soundset. We just chose a few of them for this info page.

Demo Clips:

  Rising Multimod Chords

  Long Wave Receiver

  Matrix Mod Strings

  Video: Default Bank Playing

  Video: Default Bank Medley (as featured in review)

  Video: Release Trailer


PROII_DRUMS       | Rootbanks |       

Drums Bank

Drum sounds presets collection

From bass drums over snares to woodsticks, all driven by pure subtractive synthesis. The presets in this bank let you create great pure synth driven drums for electronic soundtracks.

Demo Clips:

  Drums Presets


PROII_EFFECTS       | Rootbanks |       

Effects Bank

Effect presets collection

Due to features like switchable filter self oscillation, FM, ring modulation and white noise OP-X PRO-II is capable of producing all kind of extremely weird effect sounds which will remind you of the possibilities of XPander and Matrix-12.

Demo Clips:

  Selfreso Water Effect

  Baby Scream

  Prophet Frequency Mod

  Kraftwerk Smack

  Bewitched Xylophone

For further effect sounds also check out the Matrix Revelation bank, which offers some of the craziest and weirdest experimental effect sounds in the entire library. So this bank:


Some clips from there:

  Broken Musicbox

  Come And Go

  Space Bongos

  Outerspace Growl


PROII_EMPTY       | Rootbanks |       

Empty Bank

This empty bank can be used as base to create own custom banks.

To create an own custom bank first on save the soundss you want to be there as single presets using PRESET SAVE. You can create custom sub-folders within the presets area to group presets and keep things organized.

If you created an own preset or edited one you first on may give it a new suitable display name by clicking into the preset name field, typing in a new name and confirm with enter.

Once you save the preset the default save file name always defaults to the display name. But to e.g. save variants of the same preset you also can edit / extend the save file name to specify variants, like e.g. "Cool Brass" to "Cool Brass v1", "Cool Brass v2", or similar.

Editing the save file name won't change the set preset display name (so the name that appears in the preset name field) since the display preset name is an independent parameter and isn't linked to the file name.

Once you have your presets saved and want to create a custom bank out of them for faster loading / switching then first on simply load the PROII_EMPTY bank, and then load the saved presets into its slots one by one in each order you like using the PRESET LOAD button.

Once you're finished (note that you don't need to load in full 128 presets, you also just can load a few and leave the rest empty) save the bank with a new custom name of choice using BANK SAVE.

To keep your own custom banks separated from the pre-installed and downloaded banks you may create a dedicated sub-folder for these, like e.g. "Userbanks". It's all up to you.

Demo Clips:

Since this bank is empty there are no clips, sorry ;-)


PROII_EPIANO       | Rootbanks |       

E-Piano Bank

E-Piano presets collection

Demo Clips:

  Cool EPiano SlapDelay

  Stereo DX Piano

  Cool EPiano Ultrasoft

  Fairytale Celesta


PROII_FAMOUS       | Rootbanks |       

Famous Bank

Famous 80s hits presets collection

This bank ist THE bank most people are out for. The recreations of famous 80s hits presets it offers are said to be the best and most authentic on the market. But you are the judge!

Demo Clips:

  Famous Bank
  Netbook Demo
  Famous Songs
  On The Run

  Rush Camera Eye

  Van Halen Jump

  Foreigner Love
  Duran Prayer

  Toto Africa

  BJH Echoes

Note that you can find further famous 80s hits presets in various other banks which were released after the famous bank:

(Van Halen, Rush, Prince, ...)
(Presets for Axel F)
(D. Train, O'Jays)
(Alphaville, A-ha, HL, DM)
(Seal, Kraftwerk)

Make sure to check these out too!


PROII_FMOD       | Rootbanks |       

Fmod Bank

Frequency modulation presets collection

Since OP-X PRO-II can do pure sine FM like XPander and Matrix-12 it can do all kinds of two-operator FM sounds.

It's even more flexible than XPander and Matrix-12 since it offers sine waves in the oscillators and so doesn't have to sacrifice the filter for it as it was the case in XPander and Matrix-12.

Demo Clips:

  Classic FM Chordbell

  Organic Double Bell

  Bewitched Xylophone


PROII_INNOCENT       | Rootbanks |       

Innocent Bank

Innocent sounding presets collection

Demo Clips:

  Soft Analog Perc

  Equinoxe Intro Brass


PROII_JUPITER       | Rootbanks |       

Jupiter Bank

Jupiter-8 presets collection

The presets in this bank are based on known Jupiter-8 sounds including factory presets, appearances in famous 80s hits and popular Jupiter-8 demos in YouTube.

OP-X PRO-II includes several features borrowed from the Jupiter-8, including its famous arpeggiator (OP-X PRO-II can do its typical input-order behaviour and too offers the randomized mode) and invertable filter envelope, and too can be switched to pure mono-mode and less detunings for more clinical sound.

Demo Clips:

  Jupiter Bank (video)

  Jupiter Neg Pluck

  Jupiter NP Jam

  Jupiter Lo Strings

  Jupiter Classic Harp

  Jupiter Arpeggio
  Jupiter Narrow Perc

  Jupiter Clear Unisync

  Jupiter Dark Strings

  Jupiter Neg Perc

  Jupiter Super Pad

While the sounds in this bank sound very Jupiter-8-ish they these weren't programmed as a reference for comparison.

If you're after this and want to check how unbelievably close OP-X PRO-II can come to Jupiter-8 then check the Jupiter-8 factories bank in "Downloaded" which tries to replicate Jupiter-8's original factory presets. We offer a bunch of A:B comparison clips for this bank:


Check it out!


PROII_LFOPADS       | Rootbanks |       

LFO-Pads Bank

LFO-Pads presets collection

Demo Clips:

  Dark LFO Pad

  BP Stereomod Pad

  Bit99 LFO Brass


PROII_MATRIX       | Rootbanks |       

Matrix Bank

Matrix-12 and Xpander inspired presets collection

Since OP-X PRO-II features morphable multimode filters, FM, extended modulation options (like panning modulation, which not even the Matrix could do) and 12 independent voices (like Matrix-12) it can do most XPander and Matrix-12 stuff with ease.

Sure, it doesn't offer the whole plentora of multiple LFOs, envelopes and modulation options. But in the real life nobody really exploited all of these modulation options anyway. Our synth offers the musically most useful of them, which allow to replicate most of the typical sounds one would relate to these late and final Oberheim synths.

Demo Clips:

  Matrix Mod Strings

  Bandpass Chords

  Rising MM Chords
  Matrix FMod Bumps

  Sync Notch Sweeps

  XPander Landing Jet

The "Matrix Mod Strings" preset was cloned from this video:

Note that the "Downloaded" folder offers another Matrix-12 bank which includes patches which were cloned from the original synth.

So if you're after Matrix-12 sounds make sure to check out this bank too! The bank name is:



PROII_MINIMOOG       | Rootbanks |       

Minimoog Bank

Minimoog presets collection

OP-X PRO-II of course isn't a Minimoog emulation by no means, sure. But nevertheless it can emulate some of its typical sounds pretty well in our opinion. But you are the judge!

How is this possible? Well, on one hand also the Minimoog just used voltage controlled oscillators and a filter to do its sounds. The filter had its dedicated own character, sure. But the main reason for what kind of sounds the Minimoog could do was the way these basic components were aligned and how they interacted.

The famous bass sound for example was a result of the 3-oscillators-setup, the detunings between these, and the 24db filter.

OP-X PRO-II of course doesn't have a Minimoog filter and also only two oscillators per voice. BUT since the 12 voices of the synth in fact are independent mono-synths which can be arranged in almost any way, the famous 3-oscillators setting can be emulated, namely by just activating 3 voices, engaging the "Oct Up Down" preset of the chord presets, and finally activate unison with legato activated.

Regarding Minimoog sounds we especially like the sounds Manfred Mann did on "Angel Station", and too how George Duke used it, like e.g. in "Love Reborn", which we tried to emulate.

But you are the judge!

Demo Clips:

  Bank Demo
  MM Classic Bass

  Duke Minimoog

  Circle Minimoog


PROII_OBERHEIM       | Rootbanks |       

Oberheim Bank

Oberheim presets collection

Some typical Oberheim-type sounds, which e.g. means: Broad, a bit "pissed-off", using stereo panning, portamento detune, etc.

Note that you'll find hundreds of other Oberheim-type sounds throughout the entire library of course! But these give sort of an impression on what was typical about the Oberheim synths.

Demo Clips:

  Pissed Off Oberheim

  OB Fifth Slightbrass

  OB Lush Chords

  OB Supersoft Strings


PROII_OBX       | Rootbanks |       

OB-X Bank

OB-X presets collection

These are the 32 presets we have on our own studio OB-X machine. These are custom programmed presets, not factory presets.

Demo Clips:

  Video: Bank Demo

  Clip 1

  Clip 2

Note that you also can find OB-X presets in other banks. For a detailed A:B comparison check the comparison bank!

Presets copied from a real OB-X in every tiny detail
Presets 27 - 33 / highly recommended!
The original OB-X factory presets re-programmed by Adam Borseti

Make sure to check these out too!


PROII_ORGAN       | Rootbanks |       

Organ Bank

Organ presets collection

Due to switchable filter self oscillation OP-X PRO-II is capable of doing organ sounds with up to 3 partials per voice, using the filter as a third sine oscillator, and simulate leslie using pan modulation.

That's why OP-X PRO-II can do some really amazing organ sounds!

Demo Clips:

  DW8000 Organ

  Dark Warm Organ

  Hammond Organ

  OB Church Organ

  Slow Leslie Organ


PROII_PADS       | Rootbanks |       

Pads Bank

Pads presets collection

Note that this pads bank just offers what was available regarding pads at the time of the initial release of the synth. There are hundreds of further pads available in all the banks that came after it!

Demo Clips:

  Warm Jupiter Pad

  Saulino Soundtracks

  OB Amazona Pad

  Flange Stereo Pad Slow

  Matrix Monster Pad


PROII_PERCUSSIVE       | Rootbanks |       

Percussive Bank

Percussive presets collection

This is a somehow unfinished bank offering some percussive-style short-attack sounds to offer a category for this. There however are hundres of other similar type sound all across the library.

Demo Clips:

  Bit99 Percussive

The demo clip above in fact has been done with a preset of the Mastertone bank which is the same preset just with some added reverb.

Downloaded / PROII_MASTERTONE / Preset 55

BIT 99 Perc Reverb


PROII_POLYMOOG       | Rootbanks |       

Polymoog Bank

Polymoog presets collection

Some presets that have been cloned after orignal dry recordings of factory presets of a real Polymoog.

Demo Clips:

  Numan Cars Lead

  Polymoog Honky Piano

  Polymoog Piano

  Abba Eagle Polymoog

  Abba Polymoog Brass

Regarding the last demo clip, the Abba Polymoog Brass:

This is the intro Benny Andersson played at the legendary Wembley concert as intro for "Summer Night Cities".

However, as we only later on (too late!) found out: what Benny Andersson played here in fact was not a Polymoog (as falsly assumed), but a Yamaha GX-1. Listen to it by yourself:

We think we came pretty close!


PROII_PROPHET       | Rootbanks |       

Prophet Bank

Prophet-5 presets collection

This bank offers presets cloned from recordings and Youtube demos of original Prophet-5 factory sounds as well as other typical Prophet-5 sounds.

For the cloned factory sounds we mainly relied on the synthmania Prophet-5 site: (Rev.3).htm

Demo Clips:

  Video: Prophet Bank

  Prophet Cosy Brass

  Floyd Turns Prophet

  Prophet Sawsync

  Prophet Perc Solo

  Prophet Toy Piano
  Prophet Factory Clav

  Prophet Factory EP

  Prophet Clavichord

  Prophet Hi Brass

  Prophet Unisync II

Note that you'll find countless other Prophet-5 sounds in other banks that were released later on. From all of these be sure to check the Prophet-5 presets in this bank:

Downloaded / PROII_PLATINUM / Presets 66 - 78

Some clips from these:

  Prophet Full Brass     (sound cloned from this video)

  Prophet Upsweeps

  Prophet Sine Pad


PROII_SAMPLEHOLD       | Rootbanks |       

Samplehold Bank

Some Sample & Hold type presets

The synth not only can do normal "standard" sample & hold (where noise is sampled) but also "sampled vibrato" ispired by OB-8, which samples the sine wave of the vibrato LFO (modulation).

Note that the library offers many other sample & hold type sounds in banks that were released later.

Demo Clips:

  Rush Camera Eye

  OB Sample Hold

  OB Sample Hold Pad

  Sampled Vibrato Sync

For example, the borseti selection bank too offers some excellent sample & hold patches. So this bank:


Some clips from these:

  Borseti SH Hires

  SH Sampled Stairs


PROII_SH2000       | Rootbanks |       

SH-2000 Bank

Roland SH-2000 presets collection

The Roland SH-2000 was a monophonic preset synthesizer featuring aftertouch. The synth was Roland's answer to ARP's Pro Soloist.

The presets in this bank in fact are the original SH-2000 presets which we cloned from our own studio SH-2000.

The patches however are set up polyhonically, since they originally were programmed for the precedessors of OP-X PRO-II which didn't have the flexible voice management OP-X PRO-II offers now.

So if you want the presets act true authentically as in the original monophonic SH-2000 then deactivate all voice channels (voice mutes) except for one, activate unison, and switch on legato mode (Lega ON). Then you'll have a virtual SH-2000.

In the old days synth presets tried to replicate real instruments like tuba, violin, harmonica etc. which nowadays seems a bit laughable. Nevertheless some of these cloned the originals astonishingly well (like e.g. the Oboe), and especially the dark brass-type sounds like tuba are excellent innocent sounding synth lead sounds.

Also these presets can be a welcome base whenever you try to program a sound than has to sound like an Oboe, Tuba, etc. That's why these presets in our opinion are extremely helpful and important to have in a library.

Demo Clips:

  SH2000 Presets


PROII_SOLOS       | Rootbanks |       

Solos Bank

Solo / lead sounds collection

Note that you'll find tons of further lead sounds in various other banks which were released after this one. So this collection by far isn't complete.

Demo Clips:

  Mays Prophet Lead

  Shine On Solo

  OB Tuned Unisaw

  OB Sync Solo

  OB Sawtooth Solo
  OB Rock Unison

  Lucky Man Solo

  Duran Prayer Lead

  Saw Synced Solo

  Death Harmonica


PROII_STRINGS       | Rootbanks |       

Strings Bank

Strings presets collection

Note that you'll find tons of further string sounds in various other banks which were released after this one. So this collection by far isn't complete.

Demo Clips:

  Matrix Mod Strings

  OB Lush Superstrings

  OB Simple Strings

  OB Drifting Strings

  OB Supersoft Strings

  HP Slowmod Strings
  Matrix Softstrings

  Matrix Power Strings

  OB Lush Strings

  Prophet Warm Strings

  Luftballon Strings

  Matrix Monster Strings


PROII_SWEEPS       | Rootbanks |       

Sweeps Bank

Sweeps presets collection

Note that you'll find tons of further sweep sounds in various other banks which were released after this one. So this collection by far isn't complete.

Demo Clips:

  OB-X Slow Sweep

  Matrix Sweeps

  Reso Notch Softsweep

  Matrix Lush Sweeps

  Matrix Upsweeps

  SEM Upsweep

Some recommended sweeps from other banks:


  OB-X Lush D-Sweeps

  Prophet Upsweeps

  OB-X PWM Sweep

  OB-Xa Slow Upsweeps


  JP-8 80ies Sweeps

  Gentle Upsweeps


PROII_SYNTHEX       | Rootbanks |       

Synthex Bank

Elka Synthex presets collection

The presets of this bank have been cloned from actual recordings of a real Elka Synthex including some original factory presets.

Demo Clips:

  Synthex LFO Multmod

  Synthex LFO Multmod

  Synthex MM Sweep

  Synthex Mod Strings

  Synthex Dirty Cembalo

  Synthex Warm Arpeggio

Synthex patches from other banks:


  Synthex Speed ARP


PROII_TESTPATCHES       | Rootbanks |       


Testpatches Bank

This is a tutorial banks which leads through some of the functions of the synth

The examples are structured in topic groups introduced by a headline. The featured topics are: Test / Oscillators / Filters / Envelopes / LFO / Polyphony / Detuning / Portamento / Panning / Bending / Arpeggiator / Record / Chord / Double / Velocity

If you want to make the most of this synth and get to know all its features we highly recommend to go through these presets!

Demo Clips from some individual sections:


  Ultrawide Bending


  LFO Delay


  Hipass to Lopass Morphing


  Filters Detuned

  Chords Detuned


  Speed Test

  Filterenv to Oscillator 2

  Perc Single

  Perc Double Spread

Record:    video

  Record (Step Sequencer)


  Sine FM


  Panning Modulation


  Chord Hold

  Preset Chord Minor