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Windows Vista / 7 and Cubase 5

Virtual store ist the isolated place where windows redirects data written by non-authorized applications that try to write data to a place within the system's area, so also the system's program files folder. The redirected files are marked with a lock symbol.

Since OP-X PRO-II is conceived to write its licensing data as well as patches and banks created by the user to a folder next to the plugin windows will redirect those to virtual store instead. This does not affect working since windows makes the plugin "see" all data in the right place, but if you want to access those files in the file system, e.g. to make a backup of your custom presets and banks, you won't find them in the folder they should be.

Instead they can be found in a mirrored place in the virtual store area. In order to be able to access this place you neeed to activate hidden file view before.

In Windows 7 this is done like this:

Start->Control Panel->Appearance and Personalization->Folder Options->Show hidden files and folders

View: Files and Folders->Hidden files and folders: Check "Show hidden files, folders and drives"

Now you can see the hidden "AppData" folder in your user area, which leads to virtual store. So if you have installed the plugin to e.g.

Program Files(x86)->Common Files->Steinberg->VST2

you will find the mirrored place here:

Computer->Local drive->Users->Your User Name->AppData->Local->VirtualStore->Program Files(x86)->Common Files->Steinberg->VST2->SonicProjects

The license file can be found in the root folder, and your presets and banks in the "OP-X PRO-II" folder. So you can backup them from here.

If you should have licensing issues after a major update of cubase then you simply could copy back the license file back to the original unmirrored place if the expected path out of some reason should not anymore be virtual store.