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OP-X PRO-II Videos

A collection of videos that give an insight in some chosen banks and demonstrate what this synth can do and how flexible it is sound wise. No further equipment used. All sounds and effects are coming directly from OP-X PRO-II.

Intro Trailer:

New Features:

Famous Songs:

Tuning Tutorial:

Receptor Demo:


Performance Demo:

Netbook Demo:

Patches Demo:

Famous Bank:

OB-X Bank:

Jupiter Bank:

Prophet Bank:

Minimoog Bank:

Matrix Bank:

Matrix 6 Bank:  Download bank here

Reload 002 Bank:  Download bank here

Platinum Bank:  Download bank here

Platinum Bank Song:  Download bank here

Jupiter-8 Collection:  Download bank here

Jupiter-8 Comparison:  Download bank here

D Train O'Jays Bank:  Download bank here

Mastertone Bank:  Download bank here

Matrix-12 Bank:  Download bank here

Borseti Collection:  Download bank here

Axel F Bank:  Download bank here

Default Bank:

Sound Demo:

Receptor Famous:

Musictrack Demo:

Rush Tom Sawyer:

Live Jam:

Floyd On The Run:

Reaper 3 Demo:

Reaper x64 Demo:

Protools 8 Trial:

Protools 8 Demo:

Protools 8 Session:

Live 8 Demo:

Cubase 5 Demo: