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Demo Version   New interfaces available!

Click on the Bank:Load button to load one of the additional banks.

Load the PROII_TESTPATCHES bank for a feature tutorial.

Learn more about the built-in banks


- short audio breaks                                           New 1.2.6 version available   version history
- restart needed after 20 minutes

Windows 32bit:   
download (10,6mb)   
Minimum system: Windows XP SP2   
Windows 64bit:   
VST2, VST3   
download (13,7mb)   
Minimum system: Windows 7 64bit   
Mac 32 & 64bit:   
AU, VST3   
download (34,4mb)   
Minimum system: OS-X 10.8   
Windows 64bit:   
VST2, VST3   
download (13,7mb)   
Minimum system: Windows 7 64bit   
Mac 32 & 64bit:   
AU, VST3   
download (34,4mb)   
Minimum system: OS-X 10.8   

MacOS: Re-boot after installation        Big Sur / M1 silicon: click here


VST Host for 32bit Windows Version
The plugin needs a vst host to run. If you don't have a one we can recommend the very easy to use and leightweight Hermann Seib SaviHost:

Download SaviHost

Download from developer:

Note this host also can be used in a 64bit system. You can install and run 32bit hosts in 64bit systems just fine.

Installation: Just place the "savihost" file next to the "OP-X PRO-II.dll" and rename it too to "OP-X PRO-II". The dll can be found in a folder called "SonicProjects" in the place you've installed the plugin to. Now simply doubleclick the renamed file to launch the plugin.

In "Devices->Wave" and "Devices->MIDI" you still have to choose the right audio and MIDI drivers. If you dont have an ASIO soundcard then install the free Asio4All drivers:  



If GateKeeper blocks installation then right-click the installer
and choose "Open" to install.

If the interface should freeze during playing then close and
re-open it. Read more here.

If this should happen regularly then deactivate the keyboard
and led animation by switching off the upper blue square button
next to "A" in the levers section.

Ableton Live Mac: Make sure that use of AU plugins is activated.
Read more about it here.

MacOS High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina: After first installation of the
plugin you have to shut down and restart the computer. Only then
the plugin will appear and work correctly.

MacOS Big Sur: If you have crackling noises when playing
chords then read this.

Silicon M1/Big Sur: The synth fails validation in Logic. To fix it
first on download and install this item: click here

Tested hosts:
Logic Pro 9, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9, Cubase 7, Cubase 8, Studio One 2, Studio One 3,
Garage Band, MainStage 3.2.4

WIN 64bit:

If SmartScreen blocks the installer then click on "More info"
and here choose "Run anyway".

If the installer doesn't launch immediatly after double-clicking it
or after skipping smart screen this may be caused by your virus
scanner scanning it, so simply wait until it's done.

If it never launches even after waiting then temporarily de-activate
your virus scanner and launch the installer once more.

The installer puts no system files, just the plugins and a data folder
to the plublic documents folder, so it's 100% save.

Tested x64 hosts:
Cubase 5 x64, Cubase 8 x64, Ableton Live 9 x64, Sonar X3 x64, Reaper 5 x64, FL Studio 12 x64,
Studio One 2 x64, SaviHost VST3 x64, Cantabile 2 x64, Forte x64

WIN 32bit:

Note you can run this version too in a 64bit system when using
a 32bit host or a 64bit host with included bridge.

More infos about this: Click here to read

So you e.g. can can play it with the free SaviHost host linked
above in any 64bit system just fine.

The version 1.1 32bit version is the longest proven version and
has been stable for years now. It has near zero idle load and so
is very cpu friendly in multiple instances sessions.

Tested x32 hosts: Nearly all available during the past years


The new version 1.2 for Mac and Win x64 uses a new proprietary
patch format and already includes all available banks ever released
until the date of its release, about 2'500 sounds.

The Windows 32bit version still uses the former fxb/fxp format and
includes about 1'500 sounds on installation. About 1'000 more sounds
can be downloaded on the sound reloads site.

The full version license includes a patch transfer tool which allows
to convert between the old and the new format if needed.

Minimum system requirements:


- Windows XP SP2 or higher
- A 32bit vst host or a 64bit vst host
- ASIO drivers info
- Minimum CPU: Core2Duo
- Best Performance: Core i5/i7

Windows laptops should be optimized for the use of VST instruments.
Click here for a guide.

You are new to the world of virtual instruments? Then click here
for a beginners guide.


- OS-X 10.8 or higher
- An AU or VST3 host
- Minimum CPU: Core2Duo
- Best Performance: Core i5/i7

Protools RTAS and AAX aren't supported, but it should be possible
to use the plugins in Protools with meta-plugins like DDMF Metaplugin
or Blue Cat's PatchWork.

RTAS: Fxpansion adapter windows only. Learn more here.

Note that these system requirements are just a basic guardrail and aren't mandatory. You have to try the demo version to find out if and how the synth works in your environment. If the demo version works the full version will too.

CPU consumption / multiple instances:

How many instances you'll be able to use in a session of course depends on both
the CPU and the used buffer size of the ASIO or CoreAudio drivers. Since the synth
is relatively easy on CPU for today's standards you even should be able to run many
instances in medicore systems.

Here are some test sessions we also use for our own tests:

Test sessions for the Mac / Win x64 version:

Mac/x64 Release Trailer Session:

This is the original session we used in the version 1.2 release trailer and we also used for testing various Win x64 and Mac sequencers. It's 8 instances of OP-X PRO-II used for all sounds including drums. Available for various sequencers:

Download session:


Test sessions for the 32bit windows version:

Cubase 5 Demo:

Here's a short Cubase 5 demo using 7 instances:

Download session:


Live 8 Demo:

The same session with Ableton Live 8.2 on a medicore office PC without a dedicated soundcard just using Asio4all drivers:

download session

Protools 8 Demo:

The synth works well in Pro Tools 8 (Windows only) when converted to RTAS with the newest (2.1.1) Fxpansion VST to RTAS adapter:

21 Instances Session:

Here's an ultimate stress test session featuring 21 instances of OP-X PRO-II in two systems and several different sequencers:

download session

Notebook Demos:

Here are two videos showing OP-X PRO-II perform in a netbook and in a $300 class notebook. The notebook runs 11 instances with ease:

download bank

32bit version only: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 Notes:

If your plugins folder resides within the program files folder it may be needed to run your vst host in administrator mode.

For this right-click on the application shortcut, choose "compatibility" and check "run as administrator". This gives back full writing rights.

More about it  here.

Cubase 5 and up:

Also works fine without running in administrator mode based on our various tests, but simply be aware that if the plugin resides within the system's program files folder (e.g. VST2 plugins folder) the licensing data and newly created banks and presets will be written to virtual store instead to the conceived place. So if you need to have direct file access to those (e.g. for backup) you'll find them there instead of the place where you expect them to be.

More about it  here.

The new version 1.2 for Win 64bit and Mac uses a different new file location which resides outside the protected area, so using this version you don't have to deal with this.