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OP-X PRO-II for Mac and x64 released

September 30 2015

We are very proud to announce that after two years of development work we now finally can offer our flagship synth OP-X PRO-II with full native Mac and 64bit support to you! It offers future proof support for the newest VST3 interface and too for the established VST2 and AU interfaces and full native 64bit compatibility on both platforms.

The new x64 and Mac versions offer all of the synth's unique features and furthermore include the complete so far available sound library offering more than 2'500 awesome sounds!

Learn more about OP-X PRO-II here.

The available formats now include:

VST2 32bit
VST2 64bit
VST3 64bit

AU 32 and 64bit
VST3 32 and 64bit

This makes OP-X PRO-II compatible to almost any sequencer both in Mac and PC except for Protools. It may be possible to use it in Protools using a meta plugin like DDMF Metaplugin or Blue Cat PatchWork, but this hasn't been tested yet. You may check it out by yourself.

Our testing included most major hosts covering Logic Pro X, Logic Pro 9, Ableton Live 9, Cubase Pro 8, Reaper 5, Studio One 2 and 3, Sonar X3, FL Studio 12, Cantabile and Forte.

For details read the notes on the demo version page.

The new Mac and x64 versions are labeled with version number 1.2 and use a new proprietary host- and platform-independent patch format. This means you can use the same patches and banks in all plugin formats and in both platforms. So you e.g. can program and save a patch in Cubase 8 in Windows using the VST3 version and open it with identical sound in Mac in Logic Pro X with the AU version of the synth. So no need for messing around with interface specific aupresets, vstpresets or fxp/fxb presets.

But what about the former fxp/fxb format presets of the 32bit version of the synth? First on we converted ALL existing sounds to the new format ready for use and already included in the installers. Furthermore we provide special patch transfer plugins to our licensees which allow to transfer your own custom banks and presets back and forth if needed. So you'll be able to neathlessly furthermore use too all of your own custom sounds.

The proven 1.1 32bit version of OP-X PRO-II will remain untouched for now since it has been stable for years now and so we don't wanna change anything in this one at the very moment. The new 1.2 Mac and x64 bit versions with their new patch format first on have to establish and may still need to go through improvements too since they're new and too are based on a new SDK and had to be re-done almost from scratch.

What else has changed in the new version 1.2 x64 and Mac versions? Here's a brief list. For more details read the dedicated sections in the updated pdf manual.

List of changes:

1. While the patch manager works the same as before (with one exception, see below), the x64 and Mac versions now use a new host and platform independend patch format (opxpreset and opxbank). More details in the section above.

2. As wished by many and only now possible to do at all because of the new proprietary patch format, edits now don't remain anymore after switching presets forth or back within a bank, except you freeze the edit (see section below). So upon switching forth and back again the bank's original preset setting is recalled, no matter if you tweaked it before.

3. If you want your edits to remain after switching presets forth or back in a bank then you can freeze them by clicking the COPY button, which has been given this new function now (copy edits to bank). So you're free now which of both behaviours you prefer.

4. Since the synth is built around the newest VST3 SDK midi program changes don't work anymore since VST3 doesn't support it. To compensate this we however implemented no less than 4 very sophisticated ways to switch programs by standard MIDI Controllers, which makes remotely switching presets even easier and more handy than before. For details check page 85 ff in the new pdf manual.

5. ALL controls except for the small grey env / port trimpots can be learned now, including filter trimpots and the controls in the effects edit section. There's no default mapping anymore to avoid unwanted manipulations by incoming controllers. You also can unlearn single controls now. For details check page 83 ff in the new pdf manual.

6. Since the preset library and other needed files now reside in an unprotected place you don't need to deal with administrator rights anymore in windows. Also, all the different used plugin formats of the synth within a system access the same central presetbase location. So you e.g. can save a bank or preset in Cubase Pro 8 in Mac with the VST3 version of OP-X PRO-II and neathlessly access and open it with the AU version in Logic X.

As an existing customer you should have received a notification email including all needed infos. Be sure to also check your spam box if you didn't receive it. Log in into your user area on the main support site to see your options listed. The new versions are free for existing licensees including the VFX Edition! For licensees of lower grade versions of OP-X (PRO) including OP-X Reaktor we still offer crossgrade deals. Check your options on OP-X PRO-II's main purchase page.

Final note:

We'd like to thank our customers for their ongoing support which made all of this possible.
Thank you! And keep on rockin'!