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OP-X PRO-II 1.1 update notes

While OP-X PRO-II version 1.0 has worked well for most of you, we've received some host specific bug reports and some driver incompatibility reports over the past months which we've collected and examinated, and we have worked hard to address them so that OP-X PRO-II offers a completely stable performance too in these special cases.

We're proud to be able to offer an 1.1 bugfix update now which should address nearly all of the reported possible issues. Have a look at the full list below.


There are no new functions or sounds! Version 1.1 is 100% identical to 1.0, cpu consumption is the same too. If you however should have one of the below listed issues then chances are high that 1.1 will fix it.

List of fixed possible issues:

- Ableton Live 8: Crash when looping

- Ableton Live 8: Crash when jumping around in timeline

- FL Studio 10: No sound in wrapper

- Bank load button not working properly

- Problems with some windows system drivers (MME/Direct-X)

- Problems with some USB and Firewire interface drivers

- CPU load rises to maximum although it's a modern CPU

- Not working in NI Kore 2

- Not working in NI Maschine

- Possible issues in Reaper

- Possible issues in Sonar 8.5

- Possible conflict with Yellow Tools Halls of Fame Origami


OP-X PRO-II version 1.1 now at least requires Windows XP SP2 to run. SP1 and a blank XP will cause an missing file error message. 1.0 still was working in these lower editions.


Updating to 1.1 doesn't seem to make a difference at all based on our own tests. So it makes no sense to update this one. If you however think that something isn't working for you then you could check if 1.1 makes a difference. More details in the dedicated section below.


As an OP-X PRO-II owner you should have received an update mail. If not you simply can get the updated version by exchanging the 10 with 11 in your personal download link.

It's up to you if you uninstall 1.0 first or if you install 1.1 directly over 1.0. In both cases be sure to install to the same directory as you did with 1.0, then all your custom banks and sounds will remain unchanged available with 1.1. Your custom sounds won't be deleted when you uninstall 1.0. If you install over 1.0 don't install into the SonicProjects folder which would create a double new SonicProjects folder within this one. Instead install to the root directory where the SonicProjects folder resides in. Then everything will remain the same.

After updating the blue startup screen should show an 1.1 instead of 1.0, otherwise the update has not been installed correctly. In this case uninstall 1.0 before and do a fresh 1.1 install then as described above.

Ableton Live 8 users:

Out of not yet solved reasons it can happen after updating that the bank load button of OP-X PRO-II wrongly points to the folder where you've opened the last live session from instead to the correct banks folder (which is the "OP-X PRO-II" folder next to the dll within the SonicProjects folder). You can fix it like that: Create a new folder in the place the bank load knob wrongly points to (so e.g. your live sessions folder) and copy one of the fxb banks from the "OP-X PRO-II" folder (e.g. PROII_OBX.fxb) into this folder. Now load this bank with the OP-X PRO-II's bank load button from this folder and then close live. On the next re-start the bank load button persistently should point to the correct location. We have no explanation for it atm, but it works :-)


As an OP-X PRO-II VFX owner you should have received an update mail. If not you simply can get the updated version by exchanging the 10 with 11 in your personal download link.

Note that updating will overwrite your custom banks! So be sure to backup them before. More details about this on page 2 of the "Installation Guide Mac". You can copy them back to the original location after updating. All standard factory banks however will remain the same and don't need to be backuped. To update you need to overwrite the previous version. For this doubleclick the new library file and choose "overwrite exiting plugins" in the import dialogue. It's up to you if you also want to overwrite the standard VFX bank, dependent if you have changed anything here. The new standard bank is exactly the same as the old one. The new version should show an 1.1 in the blue startup screen instead of 1.0, otherwise you've forgot to choose "overwrite existing plugins". After updating you can copy back your custom banks. For the best performance also be sure you have the newest VFX software installed (at the time of this writing 20101204). You can download it from the SM Pro Audio website and simply overwrite the previous version. This won't touch the installed plugins.

Final note:

We'd like to thank all the involved beta testers who have helped us with their reports and testing to improve the product. Thank you!