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Sound Reloads

Factory Soundset | Former Banks | Receptorized Banks | New Reloads

Newest addition: Matrix Revelation! | Download |

On this sound reloads page we then and when add new banks for free download. The newest reloads always are placed at the very bottom of the page. The page also offers legacy sounds and receptorized banks, videos, audio and sometimes sequencer sessions.

The reload banks collection on this page has grown to more than 1'000 additional sounds since the release of OP-X PRO-II. So the total number of available sounds including the 1'500 original factory sounds now exceeds the number of 2'500 sounds!

The new 1.2 64 bit and Mac version of OP-X PRO-II already includes all reload banks released before September 2015 in converted format its installer. But you nevertheless might check the dedicated info and audio clips to learn more about the banks.

New banks reloads added after September 2015 will be offered in both the old fxb/fxp format for the 1.1 32bit version of OP-X PRO-II as well as in the new opxbank/opxpreset format for the 1.2 64bit and Mac version. So no need to convert them by yourself.

How to place new downloaded banks:

OP-X PRO-II version 1.2 Windows 64bit and Mac:

Simply place the banks somewhere inside the "Banks" folder of the Presetbase. You might create a new dedicated subfolder for newly downloaded banks or place them in the already existing "Downloaded" folder. You're entirely free how to organize your banks.

The banks folder of the Presetbase is located in these places:


C:\Users\Public\Documents\SonicProjects\OP-X PRO-II\Presetbase\Banks


Finder->Go->Macintosh HD, then
/Users/Shared/SonicProjects/OP-X PRO-II/Presetbase/Banks

Once placed there you can access the newly placed banks by clicking the BANK -> LOAD button of the patch browser in OP-X PRO-II.

OP-X PRO-II version 1.1 32bit Windows:

There are several ways to import them into the library:

- copy them manually to the library
- import them using your vst host's preset file menu
- import them using the patch browser

We think the best and fastest method is copying them manually to the library, which is located in the "OP-X PRO-II" folder next to the dll. To keep things clean and separated we recommend to create subfolders, like e.g. "Userpresets" and "Userbanks" and put the files there. Of course you are free to set up any custom structure you like with any number of subfolders. You only have to know that the default root folder is always the "OP-X PRO-II" folder.

Structure example:

Then put additional banks into these folders, on demand using further subfolders to structure them. It's all up to you.

Note that if the plugin resides somewhere within the system's program files folder and you are no administrator windows will put some warnings which can be ignored. Also be aware that patches and banks saved using the patch browser could be written to virtual store except to the original library. This does not affect working, but you should know where windows puts them in case you want to make a backup of them. Read more about it here.

The easiest way to allow writing to the library folder without running your host in admin mode is to change the rights of the library folder which is described here.

Former VFX Edition of OP-X PRO-II:

Read page 2 of the "Installation Guide Mac" pdf which is included in the installer package to learn how to access the library. Help video here.


OP-X PRO-II Factory Soundset

This is the complete factory soundset which is installed automatically by default by the installer, but here isolated from the installer. This could be useful if you e.g. by mistake have overwritten one of the factory banks and want to restore it without installing the synth once more. In that case you simply could replace the dedicated bank with the original bank from this package.

In version 1.2 for 64bit and Mac the installer offers the possibility to only install the presetbase, so in case of mistakingly deleted factory banks or other unwanted manipulations the Presetbase could be re-installed using the installer. This won't delete new custom banks created later.

For version 1.1 32bit (fxb/fxp):


For version 1.2 64bit and mac (opxbank/opxpreset):


Former OP-X PRO library

This package contains all former OP-X PRO banks in the original form. They are exactly the same as the ones delivered with the standard OP-X PRO, except that the second part has been cleaned/filled with empty patches since the old format only offered 64 patches per bank while OP-X PRO-II has 128. In the old banks there's sometimes some data junk in this second part, that's why we've cleaned it in all banks.

This package can be useful if you want to use all original banks furthermore in unchanged format, e.g. if you're familiar with them from your work with OP-X PRO. The collection furthermore also contains the factory soundsets of OP-X, OP-X PRO and OP-X PLAYER, so if you used to work with one of these you immediatly can turn OP-X PRO-II into one of these by loading the dedicated bank. The library also contains every single sound in the same library structure of all OP series synths (OP-X FREE, OP-X PLAYER, OP-X, OP-X PRO). It's 59 banks in total, but some offering only a few patches. The package also contains all additional banks ever posted in the user area.There's an info file that briefly describes all banks. These are the factory banks:

OP-X PLAYER/FREE: opxpro_opxplayer.fxb
OP-X: opxpro_opxfactory20.fxb
OP-X PRO: opxpro_factory.fxb

Note that the new OP-X PRO-II library in fact contains almost all of these original sounds somewhere, but sometimes improved, cleaned, with some effects added, and in an all new bank structure. Only the weakest ones were kicked out. For the new OP-X PRO-II library we went through the coplete old library, re-sorted the presets, improved, and of course added hundreds of new sounds, resulting in a completely new library with a clean new structure. But if you want to have everything unchanged in original state additionally, here it is.

For version 1.1 32bit (fxb/fxp):


For version 1.2 64bit and mac (opxbank/opxpreset):


To make things easy we recommend to put the whole "Probanks" folder to the library, which keeps the banks cleanly separated in their own dedicated folder. So put the folder here:

OP-X PRO-II version 1.2 64bit and mac:


C:\Users\Public\Documents\SonicProjects\OP-X PRO-II\Presetbase\Banks


Finder->Go->Macintosh HD, then
/Users/Shared/SonicProjects/OP-X PRO-II/Presetbase/Banks

OP-X PRO-II version 1.1 32bit win:

Simply put/copy the Probanks folder into the "OP-X PRO-II" folder:


Receptorized Banks

For Muse Research Receptor users and people who want to have all sounds available as single presets. These packages contain all presets of all banks extracted as single presets collected in dedicated folders.

If you not only want to be able to access all the banks from the synth's patch browser but also from the Receptor's front panel and file system then you need to have the banks in receptorized format. Apart from the factory banks we've now added too all reload banks and have collected them on a dedicated page. You can download the banks here:


Installation: Unpack the zip files and put the included folder(s) to the "Drop Installers Here" folder in Receptor, go to the SETUP Page and Click INSTALL. Now you will have the installed bank(s) you normally have to access from the synth's patch browser too available in the Receptor's file system, which e.g. makes possible to access them directly from the front panel or also from the Muse Machine banks browser.



In the section below follow the reloads, which are extended with new downloads from time to time. So keep checking!


The new version 1.2 for 64bit and Mac already includes all listed banks released before September 2015 in its installer.

Reload 001   09/08/2010

The first small reload. More will follow. Some pads, sample&hold patches, and three really nice wurly patches. Play Supertramp with OP-X PRO-II!

Demo Clips:

  Tramp Wurly DS

  OB Fifth Reverb Pad


User Reload 001   10/04/2010

A single patch provided by OP-X PRO-II user Marc Sauvageau. It's the "reverse-like" intro sound of Rush's "Vital Signs". Thank you Marc!

Demo Clip:

  Rush Vital Signs


Matrix 6 Bank   11/09/2010

The 15 sounds in this bank have been copied by listening from the great Matrix 6 demo video from Katsunori Ujiie (

Original video and clone video:

  Matrix 6 video

  OP-X PRO-II video


OB-Xa Factories   11/19/2010

The original OB-Xa factories double bank from Adam Borseti, originally released for OP-X PRO, now consolidated to one single bank for OP-X PRO-II for easier use!

Demo Clip:

  OB-Xa Factories Medley


Rob Mitchell Bank   02/28/2011

A bank of 41 presets provided by customer Rob Mitchell, programmed from gound up using the init patch as base. Contains some really surprising sounds. Thank you Rob!

  RM-Crazed Scream  (caution to ears!)


OB-X Factories   05/09/2011

The original OB-X factory presets (32) re-programmed after the original patch sheets by Adam Borseti. The patches offer a lot of dirt and organic character. Thanks a lot Adam!

Demo Clip:

  OB-X Factories Medley


Reload 002 Bank   09/23/2011

This 45 patches bank includes improved, edited and new patches inspired by XPander, OB-X, Jupiter-8 and BIT99. It includes some of our all-time favourite sounds for OP-X PRO-II, so we're sure you'll love the sounds too! This bank is a must-have!

  Demo video


Neil Palmer Presets   11/26/2011

Three presets from Xavier Naidoo keyboard player and producer Neil Palmer, including a very nice Mod Clav and two new variants on the OB St Genevieve preset derived from dedicated presets in his Oberheim Xpander. Thank you Neil!

Demo Clips:

  Palmer Mod Clav (audio demo by Neil Palmer)

  XP St Genevieve


Rob Mitchell Trance Presets   11/26/2011

A set of five presets from Rob Mitchell which are suitable for trance style tracks. Cutting leads and ultra deep basses. Also inluded is a Jan Hammer style solo sound. Thank you Rob!

Demo Clip:

  Trance presets demo     Rob Mitchell on soundcloud


Jupiter-8 Collection   09/05/2012

The original Jupiter-8 Factory Patches (64) re-programmed for OP-X PRO-II plus a further bank of custom user sounds (64) derived from the factory patches, available in two separate banks as well as combined in one single bank.

Demo Clips:

  Patch reference video

  Comparison video

  Comparison clips (mp3)

As for original reference we relied on the excellent clips on and played the same riffs in the medley to allow a direct comparison:


Comparison Bank   04/30/2012

A small set of six presets which were copied in every detail including the individual voices' detunings from our studio Oberheim OB-X for a comparison demo video which is linked below. This is your chance to play our OB-X and its unique individual sound by yourself at home!

Demo Clips:

  Comparison Video

  A:B comparison clips (mp3)


Platinum Bank   05/05/2012

The magic and the power of the expensive classics! A bank of 82 stunning presets modeled after highly sought after early voltage controlled syths including OB-X, OB-Xa, OB-8, Jupiter-8, Jupiter-6, Prophet-5, Matrix-12 and Synthex. This bank is a must have!

Demo Clips:

  Platinum Bank Medley (mp3)

  Patch reference video (patch reference in video description)

  Platinum bank song (video)


D Train O'Jays Bank   03/04/2013

A small bank of 12 presets which allow to re-create the synth part of two famous soul funk dance songs from the early 80ies. The package contains multitrack midi files to recreate the demo clips. You also can download it as cubase sessions here.

Demo Clips:

  Cubase Sessions video

  D Train - You're The One For Me

  O'Jays - Put Our Heads Together

All sounds are coming from OP-X PRO-II except for drums and piano & rhodes.


Mastertone Bank   03/10/2013

A collection of 64 wonderful patches which have been modelled after synths like OB-Xa, OB-8, Matrix-12, Jupiter-6, Jupiter-8, Minimoog and Crumar Bit99 with the weight laid on warmth and smoothness. You're gonna love these sounds - promised!

Demo Clips:

  Mastertone Bank Medley (mp3)

  Patch reference video (patch reference in video description)

  Playing Synth video


Chiptunes Bank   09/24/2013

A bank of 30 presets provided by customer Rob Mitchell which imitate some computer game sounds from the old SID chip. Thank you Rob!

  Demo by Rob Mitchell


Rich Source Bank   04/30/2014

This bank is the result of cleaning our entire work library looking for valuable patches worth to be shared. It offers no less than 100 patches in total, the biggest part of them all new or improved famous patches featuring Van Halen, Rush, Nena, BJH, Pink Floyd, Styx and others, and in the last third of the bank a bunch of famous synth sounds.

Demo Clips:

  Prince 1999

  Van Halen Love

  Van Halen Feels Organ

  Nena Leutchtturm

  Pink Floyd Shine

  BJH Live in Berlin 1980

  BJH Borderline

  BJH I'm Like A Train

  BJH Back To The Wall

  Toto Africa

  Rush Subdivisions
  Oberheim Cream Lead

  Fat Polymoog Pad

  MKS-80 Bass

  Tom Sawyer Bass

  Rush New World

  Minimoog Bass

  Minimoog Dirt Solo

  JX-8P Presets

  DW-8000 Spread Lead


Axel F Bank   05/20/2014

This bank includes all needed sounds (13) to recreate the famous "Axel F" soundtrack from composer Harold Faltermeyer which became famous as film soundtrack in Beverly Hills Cop. Watch the video to see the sounds of the bank in action!

Demo Clips:

  Patches Demo Video


Borseti Collection   05/30/2014

This collection includes the whole private patches library of sound designer Adam Borseti including a Rush sounds section (308 patches in total) as well as a derived custom bank (Selection) created by SonicProjects. Thanks a lot Adam!

Demo Clips:

  Borseti Selection Medley (video)


Matrix Revelation   06/20/2014

This bank offers 111 unique sounds inspired by the Oberheim Matrix 12. There are full warm pads, brasses, organ, clavs, and there's a section offering some of the craziest experimental effect sounds ever released for this synth!

Demo Clips:

  Patches Medley (video)


Extrabanks   09/30/2015

This package includes the banks available in the "Extrabanks" folder in the new Mac and x64 versions for the windows 32bit version. It's some not yet finished banks featuring some cool sounds as well as banks resulting from some test sequencer sessions.

Demo Clips:

  Filter Sounds

  SH-01 sequenced

  Live 8 Instances Song

  Platinum Bank Song



Retrotone Bank   09/15/2019

This bank offers a total of 95 patches which accumulated in our machines over time and which we judged worthwile for sharing. There are some new famous patches and improved famous patches as well as some awesome pads, arpeggios, leads and basses.

Demo Clips:

  Patches Demo Video




Built-In Library

This new dedicated site allows you to explore all built-in banks including the factory default banks. It offers background infos, audio clips and videos: