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The old classic
Includes OP-X PRO-II for parallel / separate installation

Can do all OP-X PRO-II can but much more

Includes all OP-X PRO-II sounds plus 300 more added new sounds

Updated engine with improved sound quality (max CPU version)

Includes low CPU versions for parallel installation

NOTE: Doesn't overwrite or touch an installed OP-X PRO-II is any way! OP-X PRO-3 is completely separate and also has a different plugin name and unique plugin-id. So you can have both installed at the same time in parallel, also for trial.

Number of voices


Master polyphony 6 / 8 / 12


Master polyphony 6 / 8 / 12

Inside voice-boards structure of the synth accessible

Patch Browser

Presets in loadable Banks

No other functions

Based on single presets

Former banks emulated

Immediate access to all presets without loading banks

Search function


Category tagging

The whole inluded library including all existing OP-X PRO-II sounds already is pre-tagged and searchable by category and search-term!

Number of envelopes


Filter / Loudness


Filter / Loudness / Pitch / Env4 / Mono Env

Number of LFOs


Main / Lever


Main / Lever / LFO3 / Voice LFO (12)


Delay, Reverb
Delay, Reverb, Modulation

Chorus, Double Chorus (CE1), Chorus-Flanger, Flanger, Phaser, Ensemble (5 Types, including the original Solina circuit!)

Modulation Matrix


5 slots (2 polyphoic source, 3 mono source)

Incredible possibilities

Master on/off button for fast A:B comparison

Filter Modes

LP 12db / LP 24db / LP 24dB
self osc.

HP / BP / NO

Filter Mix and Filter 2 modes seamlessly blendable


LP 12db OB / LP 12db OB Hard / LP 12db OB Hard self osc. / LP 24db OB / LP 24dB OB self osc. / LP 24dB MG / LP 24dB MG self osc.

HP / BP / NO

Filter Mix and Filter 2 modes seamlessly blendable
Filter 2 modes also directly selectable

Pitch / Modweheel Mapping

32 fixed presets
Individually settable for up/down/modulation

Fully deactivatable

Freely mappable in the Modulation Matrix

Voice-Boards View

No - trimpots led to GUI

Envelope trimpots on interface

Yes - full electronics with trimpots

Rarely used envelope trimpots only in Boards view

Voice-Reset feature ( manual / on song start ) for always the exact same starting state if wished

Unison Priority Modes

Last Note
Last Note / Lowest / Highest

32 Modes

Pedal Hold always active

32 Modes

Pedal Hold activatable / deactivatable

Chord Hold freeze with damper pedal possible

Always-on digital display

Voice Boards Resettable


Except for right after instantiation always random state


Manually or on song start

GUI design

Following OB-X

Some hidden and mapped features, learn factor

Still classic OB-X elements but newly organized

Completely newly organized / related controls gathered together in logic groups / no hidden features

3 available skin color schemes (beige / blue / dark)


97 pages

Some reading or watching tutorials needed

Main manual: 89 pages

Start Basics Guide:
20 pages

Small / Medium / Large

2 types (synth/rack)

Small / Large

3 colors ( standard / blue / dark )    standard   blue   dark

Number of included presets

300 new sounds

New reloads for free download

Presets System
Banks and single presets

Banks have to be loaded to change the current soundset

Only single presets

Immediatly selectable categories (physically folders) of each up to 128 presets / no loading of banks required / extremely fast navigation within the whole sound library

Favourites Folder / Saved Folder / Search folder

Patches Compatibility
Can load OP-X PRO-3 presets (same format as OP-X PRO-II) but only sets the parameters it has
Can use OP-X PRO-II presets directly and can import OP-X PRO-II banks (which then are extracted as single presets into a folder)


All former OP-X PRO-II banks including ALL reloads already are included and fully category tagged, so no need to import these anymore!

Included Libraries
Full OP-X PRO-II library
Full OP-X PRO-II library

Plus 300 new sounds

Famous A-Z section offering 475 alphabeitically sorted famous sounds

Platform compatibility

Version 1.1: Windows 32bit VST2 / min Win XP SP2

Version 1.2.6 Windows: 64bit VST2, VST3 / Minimum Windows 7 64bit

Version 1.2.6 Mac: 32/64bit AU, VST3 / Minimum OS-X 10.8

Version 1.30 Windows: 64bit VST3 / Minimum Windows 10

Version 1.30 Mac: AU, VST3 / Minimum macOS 10.13 / native M1 universal

Windows: VST3 / Minimum Windows 10

Mac: AU, VST3 / Minimum macOS 10.15 / native M1 universal

Brightness Modes

Normal / Damp / Clear / Brilliant


Normal / Damp / Clear / Brilliant / Max

PWM Tracking
Hard-wired control for immediate adaptation

Feasable also via Matrix

Patch change

MIDI CC program change / incr./decr.


MIDI CC program change / incr./decr.

Direct presets picking

CPU load
Max CPU version: medium

ECO and LC versions: low

Widly praised
Even better!

The same warmth, fullness and power but smoother in the details, more open and also can go brighter if needed

If you want the slightly rawer 100% original OP-X PRO-II sound but just all the new features then the included ECO version offers exactly this

Number of Parameters
Full list of changes
Changes and aded features based on collected customer requests

Full list of features and changes:

Full list of changes

Upgrade options
Upgrade to

€35   here

NOTE: limited no-brainer promotion deal!

May end anytime!

No higher product available atm

NOTE: Includes OP-X PRO-II !

So you get both when purchasing OP-X PRO-3 !