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OP-X PRO-3 / OP-MTX videos and audio

Introductory trailer and tutorial

Comprehensive comparison to an Oberheim OB-X, Jupiter-8 and Prophet-5

Playing 166 of the totally 475 included famous 80s sounds

Demoing some included presets and the new reload sounds

Blue and dark skins installation  

Audio Clips

OP-X PRO-3 includes ALL banks and sounds of OP-X PRO-II and so also can do ALL of its sounds including all the falous 80s sounds. There are endlessly many videos and sound examples available for OP-X PRO-II, so check these!

OP-X PRO-II  |  Famous 80s List  |

Feature Clips

These collection of clips demonstrates some dedicated OP-X PRO-3 sounds using all its new features like modulation matrix, modulation effects, additional envelopes and LFOs, new filter types, oversampled engine and so on:

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All featured clips are factory presets or can be downloaded on the new sounds site.
They also can be checked with the free demo version.

  Matrix-6 Broad Brass PU

  OB-8 LFO Brass

  OB-8 Warm Pad

  Matrix-6 Chorus Brass

  Harping Voices II

  Chorus Pad

  OB Classic Sawstrings II

  Speeding Up Dn LFO

  Porta Arpeggio Phased AT

  OB-Xa Upsweeps

  Phase Pad

  OB-X Unison Lead

  Dream Dance II

  OB-X Lush D-Sweeps

  Shine On Lead

  Start Engines

  Matrix-12 Bulbous Strings

  Matrix-12 Pulsemod LFO Q II

  OB-X Soft Brass

  OB-X Pure Unisync


  Jupiter-8 Harp

  Jupiter-8 Neg Pluck

  Jupiter-8 Mellow Strings

  Jupiter-8 Warm Chord

  Jupiter-8 Porta Arpeggio

  Jupiter-8 Hammer Lead

  Jupiter-8 Pulse Poly

  Jupiter-8 Chorus Organ

  Jupiter-8 Sync Poly

  Prophet-5 Factory Brass

  Prophet-5 Factory Clav

  Prophet-5 Classic Sync

  Minimoog Classic Bass

  Minimoog Cool 5th

  Mann Circle Mini

  Halen Jump Plate

  OB-Xa Chord

  Unison Supersync

  MKS-80 Bass

  Kraftwerk Smack

  FM Midnight Bell

  Closed Pulsearp

  Lush Mod ARP

  Unison Brass Bass

  Ujiie Matrix Brass

  Broad Full Bass


  Bass Drum

  Borseti Pripyat

  Live is for Living

  Victims of Circumstance

  99 Luftballons Strings

  99 Luftballons

  Save a Prayer

  Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

  Break Free Intro

  I Want You Break Free

  Radio Ga Ga


  New Song

  I Want To Know

  Money Piano

  Toto Africa Brass

  Van Halen Jump

  ELP Lucky Man

  Rush Camera Eye

  Journey Separate Ways

  Van Halen 1984

  Floyd Shine On  -  Strings by Stringer

  Forever Young

  Industry State Of The Nation

  Styx Sail Away

  Styx Fooling Yourself

  Prince 1999

  Prince When Doves Cry

More famous 80s sounds: click

More clips:

OP-X PRO-II audio examples

OP-X PRO-3 includes the whole OP-X PRO-II library
and also a license of OP-X PRO-II

OP-X PRO-II library demo videos:

Banks info site           Famous 80s list site

No external treatment of any kind involved.
All clips were recorded directly to dsik from the stereo output of OP-X PRO-3 in Logic Pro.