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OP-X PRO-3: Sound Reloads

On this sound reloads page we then and when release new sounds and also sessions for free download. The newest reloads always are placed at the very bottom of the page.

Audio clips info:

None of the audio clips use any added processing.
It's always the pure unprocessed stereo output of OP-X PRO-3 rendered directly to disk.

Click the speaker to start playback.
Click again to stop.



In the section below follow the reloads, which are extended with new downloads from time to time. So keep checking!

Reload 001   08/08/2023

The first small reload. More will follow. Some interesting sounds programmed on OP-X PRO-3. We also did a small Logic session using 3 of them. The session download also includes the used single patches and a multitrack MIDI file to set it up in a different sequencer.

Demo Clips:

  Logic session using 3 of the sounds   info


download session

Reload 002   11/08/2023

This is a collection of 27 patches offering some breathtaking brasses and pads which often make use of the glorious modulation effects and some of the outstanding features of the Modulation Matrix. Enjoy!

Demo Clips:

  Matrix-6 Broad Brass PU

  Matrix-6 Chorus Brass

  Ujiie Brass HA

  Matrix-12 Sustain Pad II

  Flange Pad

  Dogs Lead Live III
  Harping Voices II

  Speeding Up Dn LFO

  Funk EP Flange

  Perc Chord Ensemble

  Chorus Organ II

  Chorus Organ Lead
  Matrix-12 Pressure Pitch

  Funk EP Phase

  Funk EP Ensemble

  Punch Xa Brass II

  Porta Arpeggio Phased

  Porta Arpeggio Phased AT


Reload 003   12/30/2023

This is a collection of 32 truly awesome patches that have a puristic analog, organic and deep sound! Put some headphones and listen to the clips!

Demo Clips:

  Ampvel Hihat

  BJH Echoes II

  Detuned Bass Brass

  Matrix-12 Organic Pad

  Matrix-12 Square Pad

  Modwheel to Xmod POR

  OB Warm Brass II

  OB-8 Innocent Pulse
  OB-8 Porta Brass

  OB-8 Thin Brass

  Oberheim Pure Lead

  OB-X Soft Brass Lead

  Prophet Factory Brass II

  Prophet Factory Clav II

  Prophet Toy Piano III

  Prophet Perc Solo WH II
  Punch Chord Hold PF

  Punch Fifth Touch II

  Punch Penta Octave

  Xpander Fifth Detuned

  Xpander Nice Perc

  Xpander Nice Perc DLM

  Xpander Nice Perc ARP

  Xpander Nice Perc ARPII


Reload 004   04/20/2024

Just 4 new but very inspiring sounds!

Demo Clips:

  OB-X Pitchenv Sweep

  Multi Square LFO Touch

  Hypnotic Stacco Pad


OB-X comparison patches   04/25/2024

This collection offers the exact settings used in the OB-X vs. OP-X PRO-3 comparison video linked below which luckily were saved on the fly during the fully improvised session. Since some watchers asked for it now offered for free download!

Demo Clips:

  Comparison Video


Famous Reload 001   04/30/2024      Famous Reloads Base Folder

This package contains 77 new or improved famous sounds which extend the already existing famous sounds library of already 475 sounds! It's a dedicated new and extendable folder which will appear below the famous A-Z collection after placing and will become the base location to place new famous sounds released in the future!

Demo Clips:

  Patches Demo Video
  Talk Talk Presets Session

Demo Clips:

  Billy Idol Eyes

  Frankie Relax Chord

  Frankie Relax Pulse

  Bronski Smalltown Bass

  Bronski Smalltown Brass

  Bronski Smalltown Harp

  Hammer Crocketts Arp

  Hammer Crocketts Strings

  Hammer Crocketts Perc

  Rebel Yell Perc

  Asia Time Will Tell
  Jarre Oxygene Solo

  Jarre Laser Harp

  Numan M.E. Bass

  Numan M.E. Lead

  Talk Talk Noiselead

  Talk Talk Seagulls

  Stewart Luck Brass

  Stewart Luck Perc

  Tom Petty Strings

  Tom Petty Oboe

  Bon Jovi Runaway
  Duran Wolf Arpeggio

  Duran Rio Arpeggio

  Depeche Counts Bass

  Depeche Counts FM

  Depeche Counts Oboe

  Depeche Counts Harp

  Floyd Machine Bass

  Floyd Machine Noiseflash

  Take On Me

  Halen Jump Nosustain

  Europe Final Countdown


Famous Reload 002   05/08/2024

This mini reload contains just one preset which is the synth solo sound for Barclay James Harvest's "Waiting On The Borderline". Use the modwheel to apply the harping effect.

Patches used for the rhytmic backing chords in the demo clips: Bank: F_FAMOUSALL_1
Presets: BJH Borderline Cembal I, BJH Borderline Chords I - Both layered

Demo Clips:

  Audio Demo
  Playing Video




Built-In OP-X PRO-II Library

This dedicated site allows you to explore all built-in OP-X PRO-II banks included in the OP-X PRO-3 library. It offers background infos, audio clips and videos: