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Immediate download after purchase!

You'll need to log in to purchase the upgrade.

License delivery:

Your personal license data and instructions where to download the full version will be provided in a htm file delivered to you by email. After downloading the key.htm file doubleclick it and it will open as local offline-website in your web-browser.

If it shouldn't open in your browser after doubleclicking it then right-click / ctrl + click it and in the context menu choose "open with" and then your web-browser.

Please make a backup copy of this file on a stick or CD so that it can't get lost. You can re-name it to your liking for easier recognition. But if so don't change its .htm file extension, otherwise it won't open anymore in your browser upon doubleclicking. Example for renaming:

You additionally also might print out the content on paper and store it in a save place.


Please check the demo version to make sure the synth works in your setup