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Logan String Melody II     

ARP Omni 2                      

Welson Symphony           
Audio clips info

To show the sonic power of the Stringer there are dry single sound clips as well as some using a good bit of reverb - which also in the past has been a standard treatment to make the string sounds shine.

There are also some clips showing the layering options which allows tremendous string textures that will blow you right away. Apart from reverb there were used no effects at all.

Sonicprojects' tribute to Syd Barretts death:

Floyd „Shine On" Intro

Just one instance of Stringer, engines splitted on the keyboard, the left hand plays the organ chords, the right hand the solina strings, just like rick wright did - no effects used - guitar added just for fun - second clip added op-x

shine on 

shine on 

The logan presets string and organ:
Just one engine used, a bit of reverb added



organ dry 

The omni presets solina and synth:

solina strings 


Sonicprojects Stringer VST               Click to enlarge

The welson presets brass and string:



Some layered sounds using both engines:


shine on

welson high


dry combi

logan chords



logan stereo




Stringer 3.0 audio

These clips use the new features and the internal modulation and reverb effects of Stringer 3.0. No external processing of any kind involved in these. Just pure awesomeness!