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Logan String Melody II     

ARP Omni 2                      

Welson Symphony           
Welcome to the Sonicprojects Stringer home!

On this site you will get to know the new Sonicprojects Stringer. The Stringer contains top notch quality sample sets of the ARP Omni, the Logan String Melody II and the Welson Symphony in two engines that can be mixed and layered.

The sampling procedure

ARP Omni sample >>

ARP Omni sample loop point

The sonic result of a sample based instrument is highly dependent on the way the samples have been converted, recorded, cut and looped. You'll never gain back what you lose e.g. using a bad clock. For the Stringer, every key of the original instruments was sampled using top notch apogee converters. The samples were recorded at full 24Bit/44.1kHz depth to capture every detail. A lot of time went in the perfect restoration and looping of the total 241 samples. The loop lenghts are up to four seconds. The sonic result is outstanding and nearly indistinguishable from the original.

The real devices     show

The real string machines that were sampled for this project are highly sought after and became rare and expensive on the used market. The Logan String Melody II was built 1978 in Italy and distributed in Germany by Hohner. It has a very middy fat and exciting sound. The ARP Omni II is the successor of the Omni I and the Solina. The Solina string sound was THE string sound of the seventies and eighties, used on every stage and record. The Welson Symphony is a very rare Italian made String machine. It was built by WEBO electronics.   more info

New in version 2.0

- New graphical user interface

- 3 switchable envelope types per engine

- New and improved radio buttons engine

- Preset number increased to 44

- Unified installer

The sample set is the same. The new switchable envelope types allow for greater versatility regarding sound character and smooth attack for slow attack presets.

Sonicprojects Stringer VST               Click to enlarge

The available formats

The Stringer is available as VST Plugin for the PC platform. Comes with structured pdf manual, 70 megabytes sample set and full automation and midi cc remote control.

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Minimal System Requirements:

Pentium III 1 GHz, Windows XP
140 MB of free Ram

VST host (PC)

Get the demo!

download manual

listen to clips

Advantages of Stringer:

- Quality of sampling

- Quality of sample restauration

- Loops matched to natural beating

- No disk streaming, low system demands

- Split and layer capabilities

Stringer delivers class instead of mass. This means its sound has a bigness, transparency, depth and three dimensional feel other solutions often lack.