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Logan String Melody II     

ARP Omni 2                      

Welson Symphony           
The Stringer concept

The main idea of the Stringer was to make available the best sounds of these three string machines in an easy to use plugin - with the option to layer or split two sounds of choice for rich textures. The chosen presets furthermore should be really 1:1 to the original, so every key (49 in the logan and the omni) was sampled using hiend converters in 24bit depth, with exeption of the Welson (61 keys), where every second (brass) and four keys per octave (strings) were sampled because the sound does not alter that much from key to key as it is the case in e.g. the logan. The leght of one sample is about 4 seconds to capture the typical movement in the tonal structure over the axe of time.

Two engines

The Stringer has got two sound engines - an upper (A) and a lower (B) one - both of them provide all six presets and can be layered or splitted in two keyboard zones, which can partly overlap if wished. This allows you to e.g. play an organ chord with the left hand and some solina strings with the right hand. In old days, keyboards were stacket to towers fur such purpose. Besides individual attack and decay knobs there detuning and panning options to get rich and broad layering sounds. Furthermore, a new generated sawtooth mode and a built-in effects unit expand the plugin's sonic capabilities.

The chosen presets

The presets chosen are the ones we anyway have used most of the time in the hardware units. The great thing about the chosen sounds is that they have each a quite different tonal charachter

which is a good thing for layering. The logan sounds are fat and middy, the omni ones bright, shining and silvery and the welson ones warm, flat and well balanced.

The Logan presets:

Sampled: O (Triple Chorus Strings) and ORGAN

The Omni presets:

Sampled: Violin with and without chorus (without: SYN)

The Welson presets:

Sampled: Brass (Horn&Trumpet) and Violin          go back

The new "Pure" mode

In the new all-buttons-off "Pure" mode the engine doesn't use any samples anymore but produces a pure generated sawtooth wave, the same as most original vintage string machines did as base. The typical rich string sound then was achieved by sending this pure sawtooth wave through an ensemble effect. For this Stringer 3.0 offers a switchable fixed ensemble effect (ENS button) which is pre-effects.

The modulation section of the effects unit furthermore offers another ensemble effect but here offering full parameter control. And both can be used in series if needed! Furthermore, in "Pure" mode the rarely used OVER knob acts as filter cutoff control for the generated sawtooth wave in order to make it duller and warmer if needed.

This lets you design your own string machine from ground up using the same basic components as the old originals did (sawtooth wave -> ensemble effect -> amplifier) and this in two separate pannable engines. And you can mix them with the sample based engine. This gives Stringer a tremendous range of possible sounds.

We tried to show off these new possibilities in the 54 new presets starting at preset 45 up to preset 98. Check it out! Also check the audio demos!

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The new effects engine

The new effects unit offers a reverb and a modulation section. The modulation section offers these modes:

Chorus, Double Chorus, Ensemble, Flanger, Chorus-Flanger, Phaser

Furthermore, as already mentioned in the "Pure" mode section on the left, there's also a globally switchable fixed parameter Ensemble effect (ENS button, formerly SP OUT) which is pre-effects and so can be used in combination with other modulation effects.

Since the modulation section of the effects unit offers another fully editable ensemble effect you even can have two ensemble effects in series!