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Logan String Melody II     

ARP Omni 2                      

Welson Symphony           

Louie Stephens, Rooney

Louie Stephens is using Stringer with Rooney live and in the studio with Receptor. OP-X and Stringer belong to his favourite plugins.

„Awesome VSTis! I'll be watching very closely what else sonicprojects has in store for the future."

John Hagewood, Hybernation Music, Nashville TN USA

„I've been using OP-X and Stringer heavily both live on my Receptor and in the studio. I like them both for the same reasons: they are very focused instruments that do their thing extremely well, they are extremely stable, and they have "the sound". Stringer blew me away the minute I heard it. It's THE most realistic emulation of the vintage solina/omni/etc string machine sound out there. Highly recommended! "

Stefan Oloffson, State Cows

„Stringer sounds stellar! The hard work definitely paid off. It's extremely rare to hear samples that sound so alive and with such dimensional depth! The Stringer sounds are in a class by themselves, way above other existing solutions."

Patrick James Slattery


„I've been using the Stringer for a few weeks now and all I have to ask is where the heck has the Logan String Melody II been hiding all these years!!?? The samples of all of the instruments have a wonderfully accurate analog sound across the board. I've been using it in a few distant ethereal documentary beds lately and I have to say it has the sounds I've been searching for!"

Georges Poropat, Producer, France

OP-X and Stringer user

„String machines are not built any more. With the SonicProjects Stringer there's a worthy subsistute out now. I prefer the SonicProjects Stringer to other string machine plugins because of its accurate emulation and its sound diversity. "

Vassilios K., OP-X and Stringer user

„Thank you SonicProjects for those great emulations! Your plugins really stick out of the usual plugin mass."

cooljazz58 (kvr)

„It sounds great. Nice job!"

P. R., Stringer user

„It works and sounds great! We look forward to other innovative products from you."

Kevin Looney, Composer/Programmer, Sunnyvale CA

Uses the Stringer in Muse Receptor

„The sounds are much better than any string-synth sample sets from other romplers that I have heard, including Ultra Focus and Atmosphere. It runs on Receptor just fine. If you are into the lush strings from old Pink Floyd, Genesis, etc you ought to check this one out!"

Muse Receptor:

Beat Mag 9/08
Beat Magazine 9/08


„Standing out is the excellent sound and the handy split/layer function. The three sampled instruments complement each other extremely well: The fat and middy sound of the Logan meets the shimmering highs of the Omni and the warm sound of the Welson."

Rating: 5 of 6 points

Chris Neville, Tributosaurus

Chris Neville is using Stringer live with OpenLabs Neko for the Tributosaurus shows

„Stringer is awesome! how much fun is this thing? A TON of fun! It adds just the right sweetening to a track, and can add a little cheese too when you need it! Congratulations to sonicprojects - you are batting a thousand! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!"

Paul J. LaRocca, composer/arranger

DSM Productions

„The Stringer ensemble is a true analog sounding plugin. If you are unfamiliar with the rarer instruments such as the Welson Symphony or the Logan String Melody, you will be pleasantly surprised at their warm sound and usefulness in your own projects. The Stringer is accurately and musically sampled, and the split and layer function allows for some very interesting layering. Thanks again to SonicProjects for a useful and creative product. I look forward to using this on my next project."

Jon Carin (The Who, Pink Floyd)

„Sounds terrific"

emunity (kvr)

„SHine on you crazy Diamond Demo is absolutely Awesome!!!"