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The analog power package for your V-Machine! The most famous analog sounds in one package!


The SonicProjects VM Bundle is a package of adapted versions of OP-X and Stringer plus two effect plugins and pre-configred ready to play banks, exclusively made for the V-Machine and V-Rack.

The indluded plugins:


The adapted V-Machine version of OP-X, which is an extremely versatile polyphonic VA synth featuring the renowned Separate Voice Design (SVD). It's capable of emulating a variety of famous classic analog synths in unparalleled authenticity.


The adapted V-Machine version of Stringer which is a sample based emulation of the classic vintage string ensembles ARP Omni/Solina, Logan String Melody II and Welson Symphony. The samples were recorded with high end equipment.


A simple delay plugin optimized for synth sounds exclusively developped for the VM Bundle with very low cpu consumption.


A simple reverb plugin offering three basic parameters and some useful presets exclusively developped for the VM Bundle with very low cpu consumption.


Performance and stability:

Apart from the sound this of course is the most decisive point you might be interested in as a potential buyer. The CPU power of the V-Machine is limited, yes, giving a clear border, but it's absolutely predictable and very smooth and stable within this border. So when the mountain does not come to the prophet, the prophet has to be brought to the mountain. That's exactly what we did with OP-X and Stringer. And we can assure you: this bundle operates solid as a rock at the standard buffer setting of 256 samples, which has no noticeable latency and feels like playing a hardware synth. You never have to change it to a higher setting. This is also the case in presets that use a lot of reverb and delay. You will never ever meet any crackling, dropouts or whatever else that could disturb the playing flow.

We did countless long time tests with the V-Machine running for hours playing the presets of the bundle and never ever met any problems. This excellent performance and stability is a consequence of the countless adaptations and optimizations we did exclusively for the V-Machine. So we calmly can grant the license to use this setup in professional live application.

Lots of optimizations:

The standard versions already could be gotten to work in the V-Machine with the help of complicated wizard files but with less than satisfying results. Some patches did max out the CPU completely with all known consequences like crackling and drop outs. Some patches have barely worked, but not to think of adding any effects. A further problem was preset change, which everytime completely unloads and reloads the plugin. OP-X didn't like this at all because its oscillators are free running and zeroing them on every preset change did also reset the phases to zero which could result in a short "phasing" after preset change until the oscillators have found their own individual phase.

That's why we took the effort to analyze the plugins and their behaviour within the V-Machine in order to adapt them for this new host, with astonishing results. With a long list of small changes we were able to reduce the CPU consumption by almost 50%(!) and change the startup behaviour to be immune to the repeated reloads. Furthermore all not needed GUI functions like keyboard animation were deactivated and the internal patches number in OP-X increased to 128, containing a selection of the best patches of the whole library.

Non-GUI versions:

For V-Machine internal use only there finally have been developped separate Non-GUI versions of OP-X and Stringer that have no graphical user interface that could disturb playback processing within the V-Machine. They offer rock solid and ultra stable performance within the V-Machine. So you actually have two versions of the same plugins running: The ones with graphical user interface within VFX to edit and create presets, and the Non-GUI ones within the V-Machine. They are fully compatible of course. The new VFX 2.0 software and V-Machine firmware are designed to detect and activate the right of the two versions automatically so that you don't have to care at all by yourself. In the V-Machine the Non-GUI version gets active, and in the VFX host the one offering the GUI for editing. In a vst host or the VFX application the Non-GUI replacement plugins would just look like that:

This automatic reduction to only the features really needed in the dedicated environment with the least overhead possible gives this bundle an excellent stability and performance.

One ready to play bundle:

Normally you have to browse forums to learn how to import a plugin in VFX, edit manually wizard files, and then when you've finally managed to import the plugin you have to create presets, adjust levels, add send effects, which easily can take hours. And in the end you not even can be sure that it finally will work in the V-Machine.

Not so with the SonicProjects VM Bundle. It's a bundle that is exclusively built for the V-Machine. Everything is pre-configured for you. Installation is extremely easy, just a case of dragging the library to a usb stick. Licensing is easy too and can be done directly from the VFX application. You not even have to create presets and banks: we've already done this for you, with all levels and needed sends. The presets are an impressive ready-to-play collection of many of the most famous analog sounds of all times. So all you have to do is put the library to a stick, license, mount the stick on the V-Machine and start playing! Of course that won't stop you creating your own presets and banks.

So in short: Everything is prepared for you! It was us taking the part of doing the boring and strenuous work, leaving you the better part of having fun by actually playing.

Mac compatibility:

Click to enlarge the screenshots

Since the VFX preparation host also works in Mac you can use OP-X and Stringer in your mac even without owning the V-Machine or the V-Rack. You have to download the free VFX application from SM Pro Audio for this. It will allow you to use the plugins standalone within the VFX host, with the option to route the audio with the help of the also free SoundFlower to your sequencer. The presets will sound exactly the same as demoed in the video. Prerequisite is that you have an intel mac. The mac side of installation is documented as well in the VM Bundle docs.

If you should get keen on using the plugins live then you can buy a V-Machine or a V-Rack anytime and simply transfer your settings to the hardware.

If you're looking for full sequencer integration then check out our new flagship product OP-X PRO-II which now is available for Mac in native AU and VST3 format.

For more details regarding running VFX in mac check this page:

Mac video tutorials

A whole analog arsenal in a tiny 18x12x4 cm box. This is a dream for many musisians which has become true now! Paired with the VM Bundle this box is really killer. Learn more here

Tweaking parameters

But what about the beloved knobs?
Just join a controller! Then you have plenty of them!

A great stage setup: V-Machine with installed VM Bundle and a Behringer BCR2000 controller. This setup can serve as a complete hardware synth replacement.

Have a look at this 10 minute demonstration video which shows some of the sounds. What you hear is what comes out of the stereo line otputs of the V-Machine while playing the presets.

Audio Demos

The bundle lets you emulate synths like:

OB-X, Jupiter-8, Prophet-5, Minimoog, Polymoog, Bit99, SH2000, Solina, ARP Omni, Logan, Welson

There are a lot of famous presets too, including:

Van Halen Jump
Rush Tom Sawyer
Rush Subdivisions
Final Countdown
Journey Separate Ways
Axel F.
99 Luftballons
Floyd Shine On
Floyd Turns Prophet
Holiday Mini
Polymoog Vox Humana

Look and listen to some of those patches in this video lounge:

You doubt that OP-X and Stringer really can reproduce those sounds faithfully? Then have a look at the videos above and listen to this audio demo. It was recorded directly from the line outputs of the V-Machine without any further processing:

   VM Bundle Audio Demo

Of course you can also listen to the lots of audio clips on the individual plugin pages on our site.

Premapped banks and BCR2000 Toolkit

The included VFX banks that contain a lot of great sounding ready to play presets including effects have a ready to use MIDI controller mapping that covers all 82 parameters of OP-X and the most important ones of Stringer. The mapping follows the popular Pro53 standard which should allow immediate tweaking with all available controllers.

These premapped banks become especially interesting when being combined with the included BCR2000 Toolkit that offers a custom MIDI Sysex preset for BCR2000 as well as controller templates for OP-X and Stringer. This setup allows for complete remote control of all parameters with full feedback support that updates all controls to the current settings of the new preset on preset change for remote control without annoying value jumps.

So a setup of the V-Machine and the BCR2000 combined with the premapped banks plus custom sysex preset can serve as a complete hardware replacement. It's a dream setup for the stage. Have a look at this demonstation video:


Get to know the VM Bundle by checking it out and reading the docs. These are the downloads:

Free Demo Version

Click here to download!

File size: 25mb.

No installation at all needed!

Just copy the library to a stick, mount it, and start
checking out! A detailed guide is included.

Minimum firmware version needed: 2.0.20101204

Demo restrictions:

R: repeated audio breaks
R: Stringer: sampleset reduced to one octave


Download and read the manuals


Officially certified by SM Pro Audio


As you can see by the "certified" stickers at the top of this site the VM Bundle has been officially tested and certified for the V-Machine and V-Rack by SM Pro Audio.

Purchase VM Bundle  -  DISCONTINUED
The VM Bundle has been discontinued since the V-Machine isn't avaliable anymore and isn't supported anymore by SM Pro Audio

The excact sounds as demoed in the YouTube video are available as a bank in the included banks library of our plugin synth OP-X PRO-II

It's the bank PROII_CKBUNDLE in the "Downloaded" sub-folder

The sounds in this bank are 100% identical

The sounds of Stringer of course are availavle in the plugin version of Stringer