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OP-X PRO-II out!      Click here for infos!
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VFX Mac Videos featuring the VM Bundle

If you are keen on playing and recording OP-X and Stringer on your Mac although they natively only are compatible to Windows, then the new VM Bundle makes this possible.

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The free VFX application from SM Pro Audio allows to play the VM editions of OP-X and Stringer on intel Macs as well as recording the audio to a track of your sequencer using the free Cycling74 SoundFlower.

Have a look at some videos:

Playing OP-X (included in VM Bundle) hosted in VFX while recording the audio output of VFX to a track of GarageBand using SoundFlower to route the audio there.

Playing Stringer (included in VM Bundle) hosted in VFX while recording the audio output of VFX to a track of GarageBand using SoundFlower to route the audio there.

A visual installation and application guide for VFX, VM Bundle Demo and full version as well as SoundFlower. Use this together with the pdf manuals.

Using with a sequencer

Have a look at the video above to learn how you can use the free Cycling74 SoundFlower to route the audio output of VFX to a track of your sequencer in order to record it there. There was the question if it's also possible to route the MIDI from a sequencer to VFX to use VFX like a ReWire application. Yes, it can be done with the OS-X internal IAC driver, which is a virtual MIDI driver. To activate it, goto the Auidio/MIDI setup of OS-X (Applications/Utilities), choose the "MIDI-Devices" tab and be sure you are in the "standard" area. Doubleclick on the IAC icon on the left and activate it by checking "device is online", then close again. Now IAC is a virtual device in the standard MIDI input area, and VFX will receive MIDI from it too if used. In your sequencer MIDI track use "IAC" as output to route MIDI from it to VFX. For playing in a sequence deactivate the IAC output, otherwise VFX will receive double MIDI (from your MIDI keyboard and IAC). You can activate it again to play back your sequence to VFX. With the help of SoundFlower (see video) you now can play back the MIDI sequence and record it at the same time to an audio track of your sequencer, just like with ReWire. Note that GarageBand offers no MIDI output. But you can add MIDI output to a track with this free AU plugin:

MIDI out plugin for GarageBand:

Click here to download


Since the VM Bundle is custom made for VFX it also offers a guided installation with every step explained in detail. Licensing is extremely easy and can be done directly within VFX. As a visual assistance to the pdf guides you can have a look at the installation video above to see the steps in action.

Although the free SM Pro Audio VFX application is mainly made as a preparation host software for their VST hardware players V-Machine and V-Rack, it does not need any of those hardware devices to run. It's an all independend WINE based VST host by itself that is sort of a software based clone of the hardware devices that allows to use windows plugins on intel Macs.

Free Demo Version

To get an idea of how it works you can check it all out with the free demo version of VM Bundle, with no time limitation, only some restrictions (see below). The VFX application and SoundFlower are free.

Click here to download the demo!

File size: 25mb

Demo restrictions:

R: repeated audio breaks
R: Stringer: sampleset reduced to one octave

Download the free VFX application here:

Download the free SoundFlower here:

For a detailed guide on how to install VFX, VM Bundle and Soundflower have a look at the included pdf manuals and the comprehensive visual video guide above.

Full version

Buying the full version will free you from the repeated audio breaks of the demo version and will give you the full key range and sample set for Stringer.

You can buy the full version of VM Bundle on the buy site or on the product site of VM Bundle. Delivery is immediate. You can download and install it right after your purchase.

As an owner of the OP-X Reaktor edition you can get the VM Bundle for a cheap crossgrade price taking the blue crossgrade offer link next to the buyme button.

VM Bundle product site