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OP-X PRO-II out!      Click here for infos!
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VM Bundle for customers
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For SonicProjects customers only

As an owner of OP-X, OP-X PRO or Stringer you can get the VM Bundle for a cheap upgrade price.

But why should you get the bundle when you already own the plugins?

The plugins in the bundle are not simply the same as the ones you already own. They are adapted versions of them which were optimized for the V-Machine. They have a totally different performance, up to 50% less CPU load, a changed licensing system and an optimized startup behaviour after plugin sleep.

If you already own a V-Machine or V-Rack then you can check out the difference with the free demo version. Have a look at the manual for the complete list of changes.

Furthermore the bundle also includes two send effects and two whole banks of preconfigured presets using the included effects as sends.

The VFX application currently won't allow you to import your custom fxp presets and fxb banks other than copying the settings manually, but the v-machine version of OP-X has an increased number of 128 internal patches which is a selection of the best sounds of the whole library. We furthermore plan to convert further banks to the VFX format and offer them for free download in the future.

So this bundle makes it possible to play your beloved sounds without any computer at all, and take them with you wherever you want!

Customer offers

Here are the cheap customer upgrade offers. Note that you have to provide your original purchase email address if it should have changed.

VM Bundle for OP-X (PRO) (-II) owners

Crossgrade price:  $29

VM Bundle for Stringer owners

Crossgrade price:  $59

VM Bundle for owners of OP-X (PRO) and Stringer

Crossgrade price:  $10

We also dedided to offer deals for customers who don't own one of the included plugins. These are the deals:

VM Bundle for OP-X Reaktor owners

Crossgrade price:  $59

VM Bundle for OP-X PLAYER owners

Crossgrade price:  $59